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Thread: Taskbar Color and Icon Size

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    Taskbar Color and Icon Size

    I am having Windows Vista on my laptop. I had just installed it back due to some virus issue. Now after that I am facing a bit problem with the performance. It is freezing a lot. I want some help here to modify the task bar color here. I had disabled aero and using minimum graphic settings. I found that I cannot add a color of my choice in the task bar. Second I want to reduce the icon size on the desktop also. The existing one are very large .

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    Re: Taskbar Color and Icon Size

    For the icon stuff I can help you. Just right click on the desktop and click on view. In that you can see three icon size. Small, Medium and Large. So just click on small. That's all the icon size will be reduced. For taskbar I think you will need to install a theme on the same. That would simply modify the color and will make your system look like as you want. There is no manual option available by which you can modify the color of task bar separately.

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    Re: Taskbar Color and Icon Size

    There are some options available in Vista by which you can change the taskbar. But for that you will need to download a 3rd party application. There are ample of tools available in the market which helps you to customize Vista s per your need. It is quiet easy to use. This are called as tweaking utilities. You can download them and one by one modify the interface of windows vista. The tool is called as Vista Customization pack. Just download and install the same in your pc. That's all. The issue will be resolved.

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    Re: Taskbar Color and Icon Size

    There is one more tool available on the web called as wincustomize. You can download and install this in your pc. This tool offers you a number of customization features through which you can simply change the appearance of Vista. It is extremely easy to use. I am using this tool from long time and it is very stable. Many customization tool can affect your cpu performance. But this tool simply works fine without making the system slow. So just download and customize the system as per your need.

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    Just download Vista customization pack. I think that is quiet enough to do what you are looking for. The tool is capable of giving you some features by which you can simply make the system to look a bit different. There are separate sections available on it. You can click on Windows Theme section and see what output you are getting on the same. The color of task bar changes as per theme you install in your pc. So you can try to find a theme with your favorite color and use the same in it.

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