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Thread: No Audio Output Device is Installed.

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    Chanderjeet Rai Guest

    No Audio Output Device is Installed.

    I clean installed VISTA RC 2 Built 5744 on a dell 745 optiplex. It does not
    play sound on in-built speaker and gives me "No Audio Output Device is
    Installed." message when you hover your mouse over the audio volume icon in
    system tray. When i right click on it and check Playback devices, it shows:

    High Definition Audio Device
    Not plugged in"

    And its grayed out. But when i plug in my speakers or earphones, the sound
    I have tried installing new drivers from windows update and manufacture's
    site (though they dont have any). I am using the audio device on-board the
    Intel Q965 motherboard.

    Please suggest

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    Kristan Kenney Guest
    This is expected behavior as Windows detects whether or not there is
    anything plugged into the stereo jack.

    So in that case, how should i get the inbuild speaker to work ?

    I'd recommend just plugging in a
    set of external speakers to the stereo jack for the time being.

    When you restart it will install your output sound device.

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    MikeM Guest
    I am having a similar problem. I have a Dell Dimension 9200. My speakers
    are plugged in, even though Vista is not detecting them. This is what
    the Sound Playback tab says:

    High Definition Audio Device
    Not Plugged In

    Digital Output Device (SPDIF)
    High Definition Audio Device

    Here's how I solved the problem -

    1) Click on Control Panel
    2) Click on System & Maintenance
    3) Click on Device Manager
    4) Click on "sound, video, and game controllers" to find what I'm supposed to have. In my case, I have "conexant"
    5) I searched for "conexant" on the C: drive using the search box in the upper right hand corner. I got several results.
    6) I clicked on the folder called "SwSetup"
    7) Then I clicked on the "audio" folder
    8) Lastly, I clicked on the setup icon, answered a few questions, and the system installed the drivers and the sound worked immediately.

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    David Guest
    I have a similar problem except that I get sound from the on-board speakers,
    (i.e. monitor speakers), but I get nothing from my 6.1 sound system. The
    REALTEK AC'97 sound driver seems to be fine as it does the speaker test
    correctly, but the Realtek sound manager does not drive the external
    speakers. It says it cannot find the 'wave control'. I have an AOPEN "AX4SPE
    Max" motherboard. I am thinking I need an updated BIOS driver for Vista but
    inquiries to AOPEN have met with no response.

    I actually found a very simple route that worked for my hp laptop.
    Go to control panel- device manager- and select the high definition audio device, select the driver tab and click disable, then enable the driver. That will reset the driver. hope this helps people that had the same problem as me.

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    Ejm594 Guest
    Had the same problem with Vista...(no audio device installed)
    Try this it works.........first go to microsoft and install the upgrade
    (KB929685).....then go to the control panel>system>device
    manager.....highlight the sound controller.......uninstall the High
    Defination Sound Device and uninstall the driver (check box)........restart
    the computer and the system will reinstall both and the upgrade prevents it
    from happening again.

    the fix is right here:

    you have to load the p26 bios onto the disk. boot up primarily with that disk. after it loads up the disk, shut the computer down. then reboot. and immediatly go to setup and set up the default settings in bios. reboot.

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    Risket Guest
    The past few days the Microsoft Update message has been showing up and
    getting annoying. I hadn't updated because it always showed up while I
    was in the middle of something. So yesterday I finally just let it do
    it's thing.... It "updated" then restarted and now I have no sound. When
    I right-click on the speaker icon and go to the Playback or Recording
    tab it says "No audio devices are installed" ....this is a laptop....
    they're built in.... where the eff did they go suddenly!?

    Anyone have any ideas. So far I've been reading all the posts and
    nothing sounds helpful and the things that DO sound like they could work
    are explained half-assed and in a hurry.

    I'm so sick of Microsoft and their screwups. "Updating" apparently just
    means to remove the old bugs and put in new ones. Will they ever get
    anything right? Are they that desperate that they have to purposely
    screw up peoples' computers just so they can get emails from them?

    This is probably the last time I do any updates on my laptop. I haven't
    run any updates on my desktop Windows XP computer in years and
    ironically I haven't had as many problems with it since.

    Ok it looks like I found a solution that worked for me....

    - Go to your Control Panel and open the "Device Manager".
    - Expand the "Sound, video and game controllers" node (click on the
    plus sign to the left of it).
    - Right-click on "Conexant High Definition Audio" and click on
    - Check the checkbox for "Delete the driver software for this device"
    and click "Ok".
    - When it has completed the uninstall restart your computer. When it
    starts back up it should detect it's missing and it should
    automatically reinstall it (pretty amazing for a Windows).... only
    this time it should actually work (even MORE amazing).
    If you're having this sound problem try that. If that doesn't work....
    find out where Bill Gates lives and egg his house with elephant eggs....
    if you can't find any elephants that they eggs.... try Canada. There's
    all kinds of weird crap roaming around them there hills.

    why don't you try other crap like Linux or Mac?

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    Dec 2008
    I have a few laptops, but I purchased one on the eve of Vista coming out it's got a hot processor AMD Turion 64x2 duo. It came "Vista capable" with XP installed. However, shortly after I b. Brought it home, there was an accident and the screen cracked. Now a lot of time has passed. I bought a new screen and installed it. The next problem was the hard disk. A million blue death screens, failed boots, and SMART hard disk warnings later, I finally bought a new hard disk. I put it in last night, and like most everyone here, the upgrade to Vista (also installed last night) caused the little *red x* next to the volume symbol on my task bar.

    I've probably read 50 + posts on this topic, but everyone says something different and no one seems to reach a consensus. Some people saying uninstall audio device and reinstall. Well, I tried a bunch of these suggestions to no avail. But guess what, folks? Right now I'm writing on that computer, and watching my TV by way of Sling Box video stream, and I can hear it as well as see it! Audio back in great shape!

    What did I do? Tired of trying everyone's suggestions that did't work, I went over to microsoft tech forums. This is common problem; here's the solution.
    Control Panel to system to device manager. Scroll down and find sound, video, and game controllers. Now my audio device is supposed to be Sigmatel Hight Definition Audio CODEC. Now, this device was int he device manager list last night, and it had a driver, and when I let my computer use my internet connection to look for an updated driver, it responded that I had the best driver available. But the computer was dead wrong!

    Microsoft suggested a couple of things. First, if you haven't dowloaded Vista yet or are a-tinkering with it, use their smart Vista install assistant (it's called something like that). Second use their list or (for best results) go to the site of your mother board (Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, etc.) and get the appropriate driver update for your audio device. And just so I did't screw up by putting the driver in the wrong folder, I simply *ran* the downloaded driver, and it put itself in the right spot. Looked down at task bar. All's well that ends well!

    I meant that when I looked at the taskbar red x was gone.

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    Re: No Audio Output Device is Installed.

    When I go to Device Manager, it does not show a sound device or audio device. I really do not have an audio output device. When I contacted Acer, they told me I would have to purchase recovery disks from someone, but they didn't have them and it is an older model notebook. They also do not have, nor any suggestions as to where I can get an audio output device. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Re: No Audio Output Device is Installed.

    In gtalk i cannot hear the opponent voice
    so I had tried in control panel sound settings
    I had done something in my laptop
    now there is no sound output
    only a beep is coming
    always no other sound
    It was mentioned that no audio output device installed

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