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Thread: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Permanently?

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    Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Permanently?

    I want some help to turn of Driver Signature Enforcement permanently. I am having a Windows Vista system. It is actually a 64bit system. I was having some issue with windows in terms of performance so I formatted and install everything back again from scratch. After formatting I am trying to install a number of unsigned drivers on the same. But it does not looks to be working. What should I do here to fix the issue I am facing. I am unable to find any solution for the same.

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    You can do that by using EasyBCD. The tool is free on the web. Download that and install it in your pc. It is an nice tool to manage windows bootloader and it works really well. I will advice you to download the same first and then through that you can turn of Driver Signature Enforcement. While I do not think there is any other manual way available for the same. Also you must install unsigned drivers on your own risk. There can be virus infection due to the same also.

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    RE: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Permanently?

    There is a tiny command which can help you to fix the issue you are facing. In cmd you just need to type bcdedit /set testsigning on and then hit enter. I think that might fix the problem. While I do not think it is going to put any great impact after turning the same off. On the same hand to avoid any infection that might infect your system by keeping a good antivirus that would be enough to fix the issue.

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    Disable Driver Signature Enforcement permanently

    use your floppy or USB flash drive (readyboost drive) to disable driver signature enforcement permanently ...

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