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Thread: Administrator Rights?

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    Administrator Rights?

    I am having a Windows Vista system. It is Beta2 and I am the one only Administrator of this system. Infact, it has just one account and that is mine. Seems like there is something wrong with my account, it wont allow me all Admin rights. Actually yesterday I installed Motorola Phone Tools v4.0 on this system which went fine without any problem. As I heard that there is a newer version of this tool is available, I clicked on Update option which ended with the following error message:

    “Update Error: You do not have administrator rights. Please contact the system administrator to perform an update.”

    What is that? I don’t have Administrator rights? But I am the only Admin of this PC, right? At the same time on other hand, I am able to update rest all of the things on this system like Windows update, pc-cillin, windows defender, media player, etc so what is the problem with Motorola Phone tools? I need to fix this as soon as possible. Can anyone here please let me know what could be the problem?

    Thanks for all your helps.

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    Re: Administrator Rights?

    There is nothing to worry about this friend, this is what we got a new security feature in Windows Vista. In this new operating system no matter you are logged in with an administrator account, most of the programs still run with standard user rights, unless they ask you for permission. You can also provide them Admin rights by right clicking their icon and selecting "Run as Administrator". So if your application needs special Admin rights to run properly, always right-click it and click Run As Administrator.

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    RE: Administrator Rights?

    Yeah, that correct. Another way for doing the same is right clicking their icon and making them run in XP Compatibility Mode and then run as administrator.

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