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Thread: Vista Sata Drivers for Intel 945 chipset

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    Vista Sata Drivers for Intel 945 chipset

    I am impressed with Vista Ultimate on my Dell M1710, but not so impressed with the fact that my 100GB SATA HD is running on an ATA/IDE driver instead of a faster SATA driver. I have looked high and low, but cannot find anything. Has Intel made available any chipset updates for Windows Vista Beta 2 yet.

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    Re: Vista Sata Drivers for Intel 945 chipset

    Integration with Vista Sata drivers is usually done by the equivalent of the F6 key to XP which is basically. However there may be a different procedure depending on whether Vista is installed from XP, or by booting the DVD. If you make a report with Everest hardware can be more precise however if you just put the sata drivers on the cd created with NLite you should automatically see the HD format to be able to see if you do not mean that something wrong.

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    Re: Vista Sata Drivers for Intel 945 chipset

    I finally installed Vista on an IDE HDD. But the problem now is that I no longer have access to the SATA drive in Vista. When I insert the cd from Asus, I have a message of incompatibility. "Can not run!" I tried to go into the "device manager" to install SATA drivers. I just copied everything to a USB stick and went back to Vista. Before you format it tries to copy the drivers folder and get all the motherboard drivers and sound card drivers and video card if you do not have problems later you should restore the startup disk of view.

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