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Thread: Elevated Mode to perform Convert

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    Elevated Mode to perform Convert

    Running Vista Home Premium. Bought external hard drive which is FAT32. Want to convert to NTFS. Went to command window but told I must be in 'elevated mode' to do 'convert' command. Tried to right click (as previous forum discussions mention) but 'run as administrator' does not appear on the menu.

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    Re: Elevated Mode to perform Convert

    Unless there's something on the drive that you want to keep, don't bother to "convert" it. Just use Vista's Disk Management to format it NTFS. This will wipe out everything on the drive, so it's not the way to go if this is a drive that you've been using where you have something valuable. If there's only a small amount of data there, you might want to copy it or back it up first, then format the drive and then move the saved data back onto it. This may or may not be quicker and easier than using the Convert.exe command.

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