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Thread: Restore Start menu in Vista

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    Restore Start menu in Vista

    I've been cleaning my system after a Trojan attack (fakesysdef). Most everything is back to normal except for the "All Programs" function of the Start Menu. Some folders and links are there, but many are still missing.

    System restore is not an option, as my backup points were wiped out.


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    Re: Restore Start menu in Vista

    What happens in system restore, that when you choose an old date, it removes the programs and applications that were installed or configured after the date. That is why most of your links are missing. And also remember by running system restore virus is not wiped out. To fix this you will need to revert the changes. First thing you have to do is run system restore back with current date. Then boot in safe mode and use a good antivirus like Norton and scan your system continuously till there is no virus notifications. In the end if still you have issue back up your data and then re-install windows.

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    Re: Restore Start menu in Vista

    @TeenQ.. Thanks.

    But, I've already done all the cleaning and virus/Trojan removal, and there was no backup/restore point to go to.

    My only issue at this point is how to restore my program folders to the "All Programs" screen from the start menu.

    BTW. I do have some programs showing up on the "Front" part of the start menu.

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