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Thread: no vista recovery disc - new hard drive

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    frank1234 Guest

    no vista recovery disc - new hard drive

    I have a acer aspire 9301 awsmi, and have just had to replace the hard

    I have no restore / recovery discs.
    Do i have to purchase a new edition of window vista and new licence?
    Or can i use a different recovery disc? A friend has a Samsung r60, will
    these discs work or just give problems?

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    smlunatick Guest

    Re: no vista recovery disc - new hard drive

    Recovery disks / systems are system specific. You need to use the
    original Acer versions. Contact Acer to see if they will have a
    recovery package that your can purchase.

    BTW: Acer might be a company that delivered the Recovery system as a
    hidden partition on the original hard drive.

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    peter Guest
    Having an Acer Laptop I know that the original recovery method was from a
    Hidden Partition on the HD..........I also know that once loaded the machine
    nagged you to create a Recovery Disk which you ignored or you would not be
    Now your only option is to contact Acer and ask to purchase a Recovery
    CD...small fee.
    Not only is the OS on that Recovery CD but also all of the drivers for the
    OR to go spend $$$ on a full retail version of Vista and then visit the Acer
    site to download
    all of the hardware drivers for your particular machine.

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    Jul 2010

    Re: no vista recovery disc - new hard drive

    I Had an acer for a customer where the hdd was on its way out and i couldnt load windows properly and they hadnt made a recovery disk, but I was Lucky and managed to clone the restore partition the way I did it was,

    For this u will need
    1X working PC
    1X usb to sata or ide converter
    1X new Hard drive

    1 Take the hard drive from the faulty laptop
    2 plug the hard drive into the usb converter and clone the hidden Partition using Macrium Reflect(free) on the working pc, dis-connect the faulty drive

    3 Get the new drive and plug in to the usb converter, partition it the same as the origional so ie 1X10GB partition for Restore and 1X32GB partition called ACER and the rest called DATA, the drives dont need to be the same size but u do need enough space to be able to take the 10gb partition for the Restore area and i created a 10GB Partition called PQSERVICE, 32GB partition called ACER then i had 15gb left and called it DATA as that was how the origional drive was set out the origional DATA partition was also 32GB and NOT 15GB

    4 copy the Acer restore partition to the new drive and replace the new drive in laptop
    5 swich on pc and press alt+F10 follow the instructions and windows will install
    6 save 50.00 for not ordering a new install DVD from acer who should have shiped it with the pc in the first place!!!!!

    or you could try building a recovery dvd on a working acer laptop I didnt have one around so I couldnt do it
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    Stan Starinski Guest

    Re: no vista recovery disc - new hard drive

    Acer hehehe.
    One of the worst.

    One don't you get an HP or Asus?
    HP is recommended.

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