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Thread: "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

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    Skeptic Guest

    "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

    This dumb, uninformative, repetitive Event ID has been my most persistent,
    random, & most often logged Event Viewer error message since I clean
    installed Vista Ultimate 64-bit from a retail box the most part of a year
    ago. It has also been the primary cause for my biggest disappointment with
    Vista & strong evidence of Vista's failure as a reliable OS (not to say that
    this is the only evidence for such failure) .

    My unrelenting search for relief has been just as persistent & has proven
    totally unsuccessful to date. However, my search has still been a learning
    experience. What have I learned? The following is not a complete list:

    1. Windows users have been experiencing the same frustration (same issue)
    for several years going back to earlier Windows Op Systems.

    2. This event has been reported by Windows users on a variety of platforms,
    PC brand models, and both Vista 64 & 32 bit versions.

    3. No one cause has been identified as the trigger for this event - nor have
    I found that any effective remedy/work-around has ever been posted either on
    tech web sites, Microsoft newsgroups, or the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    4. Vista is overloaded with diagnostic Services (part of Administrative
    Tools) designed to monitor, safeguard, & insure Vista's reliability - but
    which are so inter-dependent, complex, and inadequately documented - that my
    guesses are that:
    (A) Vista's Services are a cause of many of Vista's unexplained system
    (B) Microsoft engineers have succeeded in faking out both users and
    themselves in how to understand, manage, and coordinate these 'Services' so
    they fulfill their safeguarding functions instead of bringing Vista down.
    (C) Making these Services accessible to users who would not have a clue how
    to benefit by changing any of their properties & settings was a huge
    (D) Microsoft never adequately beta tested these Services before releasing
    an oversold, hyped Vista to market, to anxious OEM vendors, and to
    'sold-out' consumers.

    Proof to support my guesses? The omission of any Vista 'Help' topics to
    document - for the average or even experienced user - a crash proof way to
    change the properties, disable, or return all or individual Services back to
    their default values. Adding to such 'proof,' the same omission is evident
    on official Microsoft Support web sites. Lastly, the proof resides in
    Vista's sad record of reliability.

    Sorry - I do not want to harangue this issue. I strongly desire replies to
    this post to prove me and my guesses and assertions - dead wrong.
    I'd prefer to save/recover my investment in Vista Ultimate and enable Vista
    to serve reliably for yet a few more years instead of the few miserable
    months during which it has proven to be such a very bad buy.

    Anyone - got solutions? Thanks.

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    Richard G. Harper Guest

    Re: "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

    The last time I saw this on a system (server) it was a failing UPS causing
    the system to shut down unexpectedly. Replacing the UPS fixed the problem.
    Honestly, the error means exactly what it says - due to an unknown event the
    system was unexpectedly powered down. It was not a Windows fault or the
    fault would be logged. So start looking at things that could cause the
    system to lose power and you're heading in the right direction. This is not
    a Windows flaw, not a Temple Mystery nor is it a Bermuda Triangle event.

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    Skeptic Guest

    Re: "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

    Hello Richard - you are waxing philosophical. I approve. I agree with your
    assumption - 100%. I also disagree - 100%.

    Have you not had experience with an issue that had two opposite
    explanations - both credible and perhaps both even provable by rock solid
    scientific logic. I do not even have to cite the X-Files - & the Mulder &
    Scully character foils who each cite opposite explanations for the identical
    phenomenon - both credible. I can cite the KPTS show I caught last week.
    Catch it? Stephen Hawking's genius formula for the understanding of black
    holes - based upon unchallengeable mathematical certainty - contradicting
    Einstein's universally accepted formula for the conservation of matter and

    OK - so we're not about physics or rocket science here. We both lack
    sufficient evidence for our opposing assumptions. Our objectivity is also
    unquestionably suspect. I am not proven 'dead wrong' and neither are you.
    As of now I believe we are equally distant from the truth of the matter.
    Time will tell.

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    Richard G. Harper Guest

    Re: "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

    I think you posted this to the wrong newsgroup - the existentialism chat
    room is two doors down on the right. :-) Anyway I have offered my best
    advice based on my experience and knowledge. Best of luck sorting it out.

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    Sep 2009

    Re: "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

    Here is the solution you need..

    I get this error message for nearly 2 years.I searched all forums related to this error .But I couldnt fix it. No one has the real solution.
    Yesterday I decided to read my motherboard manual. I read especially the uptading the bios part and I immediatly asked myself , why do I not update my bios ! That may cause the problem. I used the cd that came with the motherboard box. Installed the software , and let it download the new version of my bios.
    For nearly 48 hours my PC did not restart. I think , it works..

    What I suggest you is do not desire to update your bios. Check your motherboard version and download the right bios update.

    ( Read the manual too )

    best regards..

    NOTE :
    Its not related to any software of hardware
    I checked all of them...

    Firstly , be sure to have no other problems with your PC !!

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    Re: "previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008

    Hi ,

    I too am facing similar event ID 6008 after random reboots.

    I bought Aspire 5738 in Nov 2009 and I m running Win 7 over it since then . Till a few days back i had no issues with it and it was working well ,but recently it has started rebooting after almost evry 2 hours all of a sudden while working or even if nothing is being done (only downloading is going on).

    In the eventlog there is a event "eventlog evnet ID 6008 - unexpected shutdown I read in this forum that it may be due to overheating (which may be the reason after all as now summer has started), but in order to check that I kept my laptop on the floor which is relatively cool and gives a proper vent to the heat emanating from the laptop but still I can see that it rebooted (which leads me to believe that it may not be due to overheating ) .

    I have run the AVG full comp scan and no virus is reported , and I did not install any new software except the usual AVG updates .

    Even though this laptop is in warranty and I read that it may be a hardware issue ,I am wary of giving it to Acer guys as then I will have to stay without my laptop for many days (repairing time can be long here) .

    Can anyone help me in this regard , I mean if I am sure that its a hardware issue I will have to turn to the Acer service centre for sure however long it may take but can there be any other reason (may be software ,which I can solve myself) .

    Thanks in advance

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