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Thread: To enable Microphone in laptop

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    pol Guest

    To enable Microphone in laptop

    Hi all

    How I can enable the microphone in my laptop. Please let me know . Please
    let me know how to check the microphone is working properly.

    With thanks

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    Andrew Murray Guest

    Re: To enable Microphone in laptop

    You've provided no details about your computer, so I can't give a precise
    answer to this, but have some suggestions:

    Firstly please reply and post details of the make and model of the laptop
    (at the very least).

    Secondly , read the user manual for your laptop. If a copy didn't come with
    the machine, then the manufacturer website would usually have a PDF copy

    Thirdly, at a very rough guess, I would say you need to press a combination
    of the "Fn" key and one of the "F" keys (the ones number F1 - F12 like Fn+F5
    or whatever). It could be any one of these 12 (or perhaps 10) "F" keys.
    Each of these keys does something different, like turn volume up and down or
    swaps between monitor and projector or external monitor etc.

    Finally (and this is probably not an issue) if it's some sort of hardware
    problem (microphone not working for some reason), you need to take the
    computer back to the vendor from whom you purchased this (or their
    authorised service agent) claim service for it (under the terms of the
    warranty if necessary).

    Also check that the hardware devices are all up to date with drivers and
    software etc. (also usually available from the manufacturer's website).

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    Jim Guest

    Re: To enable Microphone in laptop

    Do you have the mic "slot" above the screen ?

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    Paul Randall Guest

    Re: To enable Microphone in laptop

    Go to Help & Support from the start menu and search for the word microphone.
    HP/Compaq and other manufacturers customize the help and support to be more
    specific to theirr hardware, sometimes. User installed Vista's help and
    support should give general info that might be useful on your system.

    You might also go to control panel and choose something like Sounds and
    Audio Devices. The window you get might have a hardware tab that lists
    your microphone, and with that highlighted, you might click the properties
    or troubleshoot... button.

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    bankerrahul Guest

    Re: To enable Microphone in laptop

    right click the volume button in your task bar and select "recording
    device" there...
    and in a new will see the recording device of your pc...
    right click on it and select "configure speech recognitition" there...
    you will see a new window...
    click on "set up microphone" and there you are.....speak what is
    written there and check whether it is working or not :)
    please give me a reputation point if you find this helpful :)

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    amigo max Guest

    Re: To enable Microphone in laptop

    If u want to enable it (if it is disabled) u can go to device manager
    and open the device settings and enable it. If it still does not work
    try updating the driver and in some cases the microphone does not work
    with some software's ,this has happened to me well i use an external mic
    for that but there is a solution to it but i would not like it. You can
    do a custom reinstall of your OS then it does work. (OR there may be a
    fault in your device.)

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