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Thread: YouTube videos stall or won't play in Mozilla Firefox

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    YouTube videos stall or won't play in Mozilla Firefox

    Hi, i am using Windows Vista with Firefox as my default web browser. I do use Internet Explorer for few important tasks as well. Now recently i received an update for Adobe Flash Player. I was having version 9.0.124 which got updated to version Since this upgraded i started having some problems in my system performance.

    First is whenever i try to watch videos on youtube using Firefox, most of the times videos get stuck in download mode and if i try to click on any other video, entire browser gets freeze. There is one more problem and it is with Internet Explorer 8. After installing the update when i restarted the PC my machine requested the CD containing SolutionCenter.msi (I have an HP printer). However i am not sure whether Flash player is the reason for this error but i am sure it is for youtube.

    Can anyone please tell me how can i fix this problem as i am not able to find out the way to revert back to older version of flash player. Many thanks.

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    Re: YouTube videos stall or won't play in Mozilla Firefox

    You should simply try removing Flash Player completely from the system. better download Flash uninstaller tool from Adobe's website and remove Flash player using this tool. It will also remove all traces from your computer so that it wont conflict next time. Restart the system and install the latest Flash Player version and see if it helps.

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    Re: YouTube videos stall or won't play in Mozilla Firefox

    I'm having exactly the same problem, but with both IE8 and Firefox. I do not have 'Download Helper' so that can't be the problem in my case.


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    Re: YouTube videos stall or won't play in Mozilla Firefox

    I had this happen yesterday. A download helper update made it so that youtube videos did not load when I visited youtube. They did play if they were embedded into a website. Using win 7 64-bit.

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