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Thread: Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

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    Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

    I have a Lexmark X5650 Printer since a long time and I was using it comfortably on my XP since years. Recently removed XP and installed Windows Vista Ultimate. Installed the printer without any problem. But whenever I try to print anything, it ends up with an error message saying:

    “Job Status Window Interface has stopped Working.”

    I read few articles on web but dint found anything working. Later called up Lexmark support but they said the problem is with my Operating hence I am here for a solution. Can somebody please help me out? Many Thanks.

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    Re: Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

    First of all i wanted to know whether you did you fresh Vista install or performed an upgrade from Xp to Windows Vista? If upgraded then probably there might be some issue with the files that were migrated.

    Anyways, the very first think you need to do is install the drivers from 11/2008. Start by deleting the printer completely from the system, delete printer software if any installed, delete its drivers. Restart the system and install the printer again. Download the vista compatible drivers from Lexmark official site and install them on your system. It should work fine.

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    Hello Nickason, I have come across this problem few times with my and friend's computers. After spending several hours on web finally i came througha working solution. In our case actually the job status window was either "blocked" by the firewall or quarantined by Antivirus. SO what you need to do is open your firewall and add the executable c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\lxdupswx.exe and allow it full access. Let me know if you still facing the same problem.

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    Re: Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

    Hi guys I have a lexmark X5650 and it told me i needed to replace my ink so i did tonight with the proper ink for this printer, anyhow its still telling me i need to replace the ink even tho they are new, any suggestions on what i should do would be really great...Thanks

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    Re: Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by r70454ss View Post
    No I have SP1 installed

    I have seen this a few times with Lexmark Printers and the solution I
    found was the job status window was either "blocked" by the firewall or
    quaran. by the Antivirus. Just to be safe you could open your firewall
    and add the executable
    c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\lxdupswx.exe and give full

    I just had this problem. I have a HP laptop with vista and I just ran it in compatibility mode with the printer and it worked....
    Well that could be a good option. I used HP for years and it was best workhorse, until it gave it's last.

    I have unique setup, since 2009, for which USB cable to LexMark X 6600 worked. That printer worked OK for 2 years, from three different platforms (Toshiba w/windows-7; MacBookPro OS-X /latest; and a stand-alone Acer w/XP on which I reprogramed BIOS to stand-alone) UNTIL NOVEMBER, just LAST WEEK.

    My MBP System even reported a kern error. NONE OF MY THREE SYSTEMS even can SEE LEXMARK ANYMORE [of course, yesterday, I did app reinstalls plus reboots & port/cable checks all day and night...but no joy].
    I think it is a LexMark problem with their system. If they don't do a fix,
    I will have to use the best new system that works.
    Been there done that for many suggestions below...
    Buying new cables would be a waste if the problem is in kern....

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    Re: Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

    Hi cbgr3,

    Can you please explain what exactly do you mean by Kern error that you are getting from the printer? Have you installed the different driver versions for all mac pc's, 32 bit and 64 bit operating system or such? Please post the error that you are facing to let us know what exactly is the issue. Is the printer under warranty?

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