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Thread: Windows Defender Switching off.

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    muffet Guest

    Windows Defender Switching off.


    I run Vista Premium using Word 2003 and Norton Internet security:

    Since updating Last months updates and the various ones since, every time I
    start up my computer it tells me that Windows Defender is not turned on; this
    is getting a bit much having to turn it on every time I start up my computer.

    This never uses to happen, so if anyone can tell me how to overcome this I
    would appreciate it.

    Thank you in anticipation,



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    Paul Wogstad Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    ˜ Control Panel

    ˜ Administrative tools

    ˜ Services

    ˜ then locate WD and double click it

    ˜ select "startup type" as automatic

    ˜ then click "log on" tab

    ˜ click "Local System account" and check the only check box available.

    ˜ Click the "recovery" tab and make sure WD tries at least two times to

    ˜ Now, click the "General" Tab and click "start"

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    muffet Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.


    Thank you so much for your help, I have only just seen your reply:

    I have followed your very easy to follow instructions to the letter and
    presto no more trouble on start up. Only a little thing but very annoying.

    I needed to check the box in the "Local System Account" (mine was not checked)

    Once again Thank You

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    teenee60 Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    I have tried that,to the letter,and i do control panel>admin
    tools>services>double click WD>general tab>service status=stopped i
    click start,the green bar goes 2/3rds of the way then message =windows
    could not start windows defender service on local computer, error

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    Join Date
    Nov 2009

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    I have vista 64 and was running avg free 8.5 and windows defender.
    All was working well.
    Then WD stopped working automatically after I did some recent upgrades to windows and went to avg free 9.0.
    Did the 'automatic' thing via services but no help. WD keeps stopping after a few minutes after a reboot.
    Couldnt go back to avg free 8.5. Not available on net or couldn't see how to.
    So I just deleted the avg.
    WD works fine now.
    But Im not sure if I have reduced my security level or not.
    Question is - Do I need an antivirus software as well as Windows Defender, or is windows defender enough?
    Thankyou in advance for anyone who answers this.

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    Dave T. Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    AVG 9 has anti spyware protection real time, the same as WD. Probably a
    conflict there-can't say for sure but I can tell you that WD is not very
    good so no big loss, but WD is not antivirus. Options; Lots of good
    malware apps out there, google for malwarebytes, Adaware, etc. Another
    alternative is to download Microsoft security essentials which does
    antivirus and antispyware real time.
    What upgrades are you referring to? Did you upgrade to win7?
    Dave T.

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    Nov 2009

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    Thanks for responding.

    No special upgrade to windows vista, just the regular security downloads that became available around the 4th of November.

    The problem is you cant turn off WD without an error message coming up every time you start the computer. Theres no option to delete WD anywhere. Microsoft has decided that WD must run with windows vista or you have to deal with error messages if you try to turn it off. They have given you no choice. Its not serious but annoying. So Im stuck with keeping WD running, and so I guess Ill find an antivirus program that doesnt conflict with WD.

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    Charles W Davis Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    AVG 9 works well on my Windows Vista 64-Bit OS with Windows Defender. It
    also works well on my Win7 64-Bit machine.

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    FromTheRafters Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    First it was not starting automatically, then it was stopping
    prematurely, and now it is the notifications?

    Is this the security center pop-up thingy?

    Maybe this will help:

    Thanks to Shawn (Brink) for posting this earlier in response to another

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    Jim Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    I`ve turned mine off , and no warning(s) .

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    Gloria J. Brouse Guest

    Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

    Jobe,,,, i do not run DF at all. I use MS 1 Care, and havnt looked back.
    and, YES, I would most definantly still get a GOOD and RELIABLE AV program.
    MS Defender has its 'ways' Ive found out to NOT catch alot of UNdesireables
    ,,,,think "LAYER PROTECTION" and rememeber- U GET WHAT U PAY FOR ; -)

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