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Thread: Printer communication system has stopped working?

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    J. Shane Kunkle Guest

    Printer communication system has stopped working?

    Just bought a new computer (Alienware M17 with 64 bit windows vista
    ultimate) and installed the drivers for my Dell 924 all in one via a
    Dell 3300 wireless printer adapter. The printer is working fine with
    my new computer - however after I installed the printer the following
    message pops up about every 15 minutes:

    Printer communication system has stopped working and was closed. A
    problem caused the application to stop working correctly. Windows
    will notify you if a solution is available.

    Sometimes an additional prompt appears to submit the problem to
    Microsoft – however Windows has yet to find a solution to the
    problem. The only printers I have installed on my system are my “Dell
    Photo AIO Printer 924” and the default “Microsoft XPS Document
    Writer.” I’ve never seen this issue with any of the other computers
    that use this printer running 32 bit versions of vista.

    This is getting really annoying – does anyone know how to stop this
    message from popping up all the time? Thanks in advance,

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    Alan Morris [MSFT] Guest

    Re: Printer communication system has stopped working?

    What application is failing?. I'm assuming this is something from Dell.
    Look for Dell services and see if stopping one of them fixes this.

    Windows can only find a solution if the vendor fixes the software and
    updates Microsoft.

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    oscar46324 Guest
    I found a temporary solution. It's not exactly the cure it should be,
    but it works. Go to services.msc. Locate your printer and open up the
    file & select the "recovery" tab. Change first, second & subsequent
    failures from "take no action" to "restart the service." You'll still
    receive the "printer communication system" notice, but I just minimize
    it to my toolbar. I'm still able to print but can't scan from my
    wireless printer to my Studio 17 yet.

    Bad part is, no one seems to want to take responsibility for or correct
    whatever bug is causing this screw up.

    keep sending the crashes to Microsoft. There are people looking at these
    and their goal is to direct you to a solution.

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    ws6wes Guest
    I have a Sony VAIO VGN-AW120J with Vista 64bit Home Premium. My printer is a
    Lexmark all-in-one X9350.

    I have only had this computer for about 2 months but I never could get the
    printer to work. I've installed all the latest drivers.

    Shortly after a reboot, I get this pop up...

    this is the Lexmark printer communication software.

    ^^ I'm confused... what are you saying exactly...?

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    ubermono Guest

    Re: Printer communication system has stopped working?

    I have the same problem and that includes no one taking responsibility. I
    keep getting sent back and forth. So frustrating!

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    Re: Printer communication system has stopped working?

    I have had my Dell for more than a year. I have been using the same printer the entire time. Just after Thanksgiving my printer started giving me the message of "Printer communication system has stopped working" or "communication not available". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the updated drivers from the website. Still no help. I grabbed my old computer (operating on XP) and printed anything I want without problem. So this leads me to believe that one of the updates that were automatically installed messed up my communications to my printer. I really need to be able to print. I really would like some help. Thanks.

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