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Thread: Can OneNote convert handwriting to text on a non-tablet PC

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    DIS Ottawa Guest

    Can OneNote convert handwriting to text on a non-tablet PC

    I have just started to use OneNote and cannot figure out how or if OneNote
    will convert handwriting to text on my PC. I use a Wacom tablet with the
    latest driver installed but when I click on "Convert Handwriting to Text"
    absolutely nothing happens.

    I've checked everything I can think of but nothing seems to fix this

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    Chad Harris Guest

    Re: Can OneNote convert handwriting to text on a non-tablet PC


    I'm not preaching but it always helps for you to say what OS you're using
    (for example Vista or XP, because sometimes there are specific downloads for
    each OS and when asking about Office it always helps if you say what version
    of Office and One Note (for example 2007). From what I just read, you can
    use this on a Windows Vista box as well, and it seems to be the latest
    version available from MSFT.

    I'm not a tablet user, but I'll take a guess. You may need to download

    Here's a Win XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer Pack

    Also update your One Note to SP1 if its 2007 and your Office to SP1 if its
    2007. There is also a new 9September 2008 One Note update with a new print

    Chris Pratley has an excellent One Note Blog that you'll want to get to know
    and the One Note Team has a blog as do many others so you can search for

    Here's Chris' article on Tab PC and One Note 2007 which may be of help:

    Unknown One Note Guy's Blog

    Dan Escapa is on the MSFT One Note Team and this is his blog:

    If you're using XP, update with SP2 and SP3 if you haven't already.

    XP SP3

    XP SP2

    Tablet PC Tutorials

    Good luck,

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