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Thread: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

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    Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    HI, I recently installed Windows Vista on one of my computers. Everything is working fine except one problem. I got a MRI CD which I want to view on this computer but I canít. Every time i try running the same it gives me an error message saying ďI need Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer installedĒ or something very similar to that.

    While searching for the same I came through MDAC 2.8 in Microsoft download Center but seems like it is not available for Windows Vista. Any idea what can I do now? Please help.

    Thank you.

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    RE: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    I have the same exact problem--it works on XP but not Vista; has anyone given you an answer yet?

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    Re: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    Locate CDVIEWER.EXE in the \BIN folder and right-click on it, click Properties and open up the Compatibility tab, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 98 / Windows Me", like this:

    Then also select "Run this program as an administrator", like this:

    This helped me and also WojtasPL who i got the solution from.

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    Re: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    I was having the same problem with an MRI cd and the viewer program. Running it in compatibility mode for Windows98/ME seemed to work, until my images stayed on screen no longer than a second. They would load up, then close almost immediately. Any ideas?

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    Re: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    If you want to see pictures of Just right click on the CD under my computer and choose Explore. See for the JPG files. These files should be plain images and that will be opened with Windows Photo Gallery. It is also possible that they are of different formats like PNG or TIFF.

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    Re: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    I have seen a few problems such as this posted on forums. I don't think some of the replies fully understand what is being asked. Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) come on a CD which contains a microsoft access data base of all the images in a set. The picture below shows what is on the CD:

    The Autorun.inf file shows that when you insert the CD your computer will try to run the file "cdviewer.exe" (shown below).

    This works on a windows XP computer (the most stable and generally awesome operating system of all time!!), but not on vista or Windows 7.

    Unfortunately there are no .jpg files on the CD that you can just scroll through, plus the Access Database gives it some extra functionality such as control buttons that let you examine the different fields of view of the image sets.

    I am trying to get this to work on a Windows 7 laptop at the moment but I have not been able to as yet. I am not clear whether windows 7 even has the file cdviewer.exe. I can't find it on my Windows XP computer either but it must have it since the autorun file finds it and it is able to display the images. I will post an answer here when I find it.

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    Re: Microsoft Data Access Components / CD Viewer

    Ok, I got cdviewer.exe working on my Windows 64 bit operating system laptop. This is what I did (no doubt it won't work for anyone else, but never the less this is what worked for me).

    1) I right clicked on the file "cdviewer.exe" in the BIN folder on the cd (this is not on your computer it is on the CD with the MRI or CT files you have been given)

    2) I then selected "Trouble Shoot Compatibility"

    3) Then select the bottom option, "Trouble shoot program"

    4) Next choose which version of windows this software worked on. I actually don't know what service pack of XP I have on my computer but I chose service pack 2 from this list of options and this is what worked for me.

    5) You then have to click "Start Program" in the following dialogue box. I found that nothing happened when I did this, but it allowed me to then click the "next" button, whereas it wouldn't let me before I had clicked.

    6) I then selected Yes save these settings for this program

    7) then when all that was done and I double clicked on the cdviewer software it started up and opened the images just as it did on my Windows XP desktop.

    I hope this helps someone

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