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Thread: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

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    threev Guest

    Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit and just installed a new Lexmark x4650
    all-in-one. I can print perfectly when it is connected wirelessly
    (through the printer's internal connection to the network), but it won't
    recognize there is a scanner on it. If I connect it via USB, it works.
    I have tried disabling both the firewall (McAfee and Windows) and the
    wireless router. I can't see to find anyone who can print but not scan
    over the network. Any thoughts?

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    Chuck Guest
    Network scanning (and Faxing) with All in Ones is often a no go, usually due
    to Mfr supplied software & drivers.
    I'd check to see that the mfr does support network scanning before I spent a
    bunch of time and effort trying to make it work.

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    loadedlarry Guest

    RE: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    I'm on my third "all in one printer, scanner,ect"2 -hewlett packer(1
    -photosmart,1-officejet)1-brother brand. Every one will wirelessly print NONE
    of them will wirelessly scan. They all say "cannot find device". Hard to
    believe two different manufacturers have the EXACT same problem-hmm think I
    have the next mac ad!

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    Clark Guest

    Re: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    I don't have an answer, but if you are willing to supply some
    information, I would like to try to help.

    How exactly is the printer/scanner connected to the network? Do you
    have it set for DHCP or a static IP address? I like to use static for
    certain devices.

    Which procedure in the manuals did you use to set it up (I have a copy)?

    Does this printer use the same port for printing and scanning or are
    multiple ports required or is the software set to receive from a IP
    address? Maybe just tell me how it is set up for printing and/or scanning.

    Is there some type of Bi-directional setting that may or may not be enabled?

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    Cari \(MS-MVP\) Guest

    Re: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    Unless the manufacturer specifically includes network scanning software, a
    scanner (whether standalone or included in an all in one unit) is NOT
    normally a networkable device. If you are connecting to an all in one with
    a wireless connection, then you are connecting over a network.

    You MUST check with the device manufacturer before pouring all your hard
    earned cash into a wireless all in one unit to see if it will do what you
    want and need it to do. T

    here are such things as network scanners, Epson make some very nice ones,
    starting at about $3,000. As you can see, in most cases, it is cheaper to
    give multiple PCs locally connected standalone scanners instead of
    purchasing a networkable one.

    Besides which, there is the additional footwork involved... walking to the
    scanner/all in one, placing the document in the scanning unit, walking back
    to the PC, scanning the document (and hoping it comes out right first time),
    walking back to the scanner/all in one unit, removing the document, walking
    back to the PC. And if you don't scan it perfectly first time........ you
    could get very fit in no time at all, particularly if it's not on the same
    floor. If it's a multiple page document, plan on running in your local
    marathon in the near future, because you'll be getting a lot of exercise.

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    Mar 2009

    Re: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    We have exactly the same problem--HP MFP prints great wirelessly, but scanning--forget it--says scanner not available--there must be a workaround for this, somehow--even if the manufacturer doesn't say it can be done--anybody have any workaround ideas--??

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    Re: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    To everybody who cannot seem to get scanning working wirelessly this is the method to make it work. First of all a little networking information i suggest the way you set up your network is as follows :-

    1)all computers on your network need to be set to auto configure as dhcp
    2)in your router configuration browse to lan ip setup or similar where u can reserve ip addresses for local devices using ur mac address i have 4 devices on my network at the present time all using ethernet as i currently have no wireless devices except for this x4650 printer. my config is :-

    computer 1 ip reserved ip address
    computer 2 ip reserved ip address
    Xbox Media Center ip reserved ip address
    Xbox 360 ip reserved ip address
    lexmark ip reserved address

    Make sure router is set to be used as a DHCP Server.
    optional (but useful for security purposes) edit the starting and ending adresses of the dhcp server to allow only the specified amount of devices you will have on your network this prevent any other devices such as laptops connecting to your network unless another address is added to the DHCP server. This configuration is what is known as Mac address filtering and is superior to standard DHCP or static configurations. The reason why is the devices connected to the router will think it is setup for DHCP however since the addresses were reserved based on a devices mac address it will always recieve that ip address this is useful when networks are expanded or modified over time.

    Now the wireless side treat the printer just the same as any other device connected to your router give the printer its own reserved ip address you can find the printer MAC address on the back of the printer.

    Go into wireless settings on your router the way i have my wireless setup is as follows :-

    1) Disable Broadcast of name (SSID) (this means any wireless devices will not be able to detect the router when scanning however wireless is still enabled it just needs manual configuration.)

    2)Enable preferred security method (personally i dont use it as MAC address filtering renders WPA or WEP obsolete as no other devices can connect unless specified in DHCP server. this also helps wireless speeds tremendously as there is no encrytion overhead which takes up the routers resources.

    3) On my particular router Netgear dg834n go into wireless station access list. then add your X4650 printer into the trusted wireless stations and make sure access control is on. this is where WPA and WEP become obsolete becuase if you have this option enabled unless the wireless devices MAC address has been added to the trusted list it will be denied access to the router.

    4) enable UPNP on your router if it isnt already. UPNP can now be used without having headaches for ports not being opened properly as all devices are setup as a sort of Hybrid/Static configuration this makes Applications like uTorrent work 100% without any configuration.

    Right sorry for the long post but it is nesessary to have a correctly configured router before tackling this as i also do not wish to repeat myself in a later post. got to lexmark and get the latest drivers for some reason i chose the larger driver first time the one that is aproximately 80MB and i could not get the printer to print wirelessly it said it was configured but printing test documents did not work. So i uninstalled then choose the driver which is listed under color configuration that is aproximately 45MB this one worked first time.

    install and if you can print wirelessly you will be able to scan also
    it is not nessessary to add a scanner in control panel for this printer. the steps taken to scan successfully are as follows.

    1) make sure you can print wirelessly first as this is the main function of the printer and if that is not working then scanning will also fail.

    2) make sure lxdxmon.exe is running make a shortcut to it and name it wireless scanner or similar if u wish add it as a startup application.(by default after installing this driver this application will be set to startup automatically however i chose to remove it and just start it when it is nessesary.

    3)go to your x4650 printer make sure it is not in idle mode press the scan button

    4)Use the navigation buttons to select network press ok

    5)your computer name should display if everything is setup correctly as per the instructions double check that lxdxmon.exe is running in your taskbar by the clock it is called Lexmark Fast pics.

    6)click ok on the printer when you see your computer name it should then say downloading application list at this point you should check your computer to make sure windows firewall isnt blocking the incoming connection from the scanner it will only occur once just allow the exception and it will never appear again.

    7) The LCD Screen should then say downloading application list and after a few seconds will show the default list of applications (only one at a time however the first on the screen is Internet Expl. use the left-right navigation controls to choose a different application then choose dpi settings and the default size of your scanned image from a list of prest sizes eg A4 A5 B5 etc.
    then press start and it will start scanning once finished it will open the application of choice i defaulted to Paint and it saves the scanned image in pictures folder. To add different application right click lexmark fast pics and go to manage application list.

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    Re: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    I have the same printer and I can print and scan on my Dell laptop using xp on wireless .My second laptop Hp using Vista will print with no problem but will not scan .No idea why

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    Chuck Guest

    Re: Can't scan over wireless network with Lexmark x4650

    We don't have any idea either. However, a comparison of driver versions,
    configuration, and wireless setups may disclose the reason.
    Lexmark may have some useful information on the Lexmark web site.

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