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Thread: Wake My Computer from Sleep Mode

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    Jerry8A Guest

    Wake My Computer from Sleep Mode

    ::I use Vista Home Premium. I put my computer in the Sleep mode. Is
    there a method I can use to wake my computer at a scheduled time?::


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    Andre Da Costa Guest

    Re: Wake My Computer from Sleep Mode

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    Brink Guest

    Re: Wake My Computer from Sleep Mode

    You could use Task Scheduler to create a task to wake up the computer
    from sleep mode. This tutorial will help show you how to.

    Hope this helps,

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    Jerry8A Guest

    Re: Wake My Computer from Sleep Mode

    ::Shawn –::
    ::Thanks for the return. I did try the link you suggested. However, I
    had some minor glitches. When you go through the process, it asks you
    to enter a program identification of the task you want to schedule. I
    was not able to determine what that should be. Second, I do not use a
    password for my Vista, and it seems that is required as well to complete
    the process. So, that being said, I was able to find a utility on the
    Web that seems to work very well and is simple to use. So, I will use


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    Brink Guest

    Re: Wake My Computer from Sleep Mode

    Ok Jerry. I'm happy to hear that you got it sorted.


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