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Thread: What is the bootsect.dos file for?

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    Paul H Guest

    What is the bootsect.dos file for?

    In my " Add dual boot XP to installed Vista - now can't boot" query (below
    dated Friday, November 07, 2008 10:50 PM) I posted the following:

    I shrank the main Vista Home Premium partition, named and formatted NTFS the
    new 30 gb empty space, and now my boot record is corrupted. I've tried to
    use the repair option from the XP Pro install disk - no luck - can't get
    past the corrupted existing boot record. Apparently if I could get a
    bootable CD that contains Bootsect.exe I could create a Vista boot record
    and I'd be on my way. My Compaq Presario notebook did not come with Vista
    install disks. I know my partitions are good, because I've downloaded
    Bootable CD images from "" that have enabled me to "dir" my
    Vista and XP Pro partitions. Help, anyone? TIA, Paul
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Now I've found these instructions at :

    To Create A Bootable CD, You Need A CD-Burner, Roxio Easy CD Creator, A
    Blank CD-R Disk And The Bootable Source Media. (The source can be a floppy
    diskette, a hard drive or a previously created image file of any of these.
    Use "Help" if confused at step four below.)
    After You Have Gathered Everything Together:

    Put the blank CD in your drive
    Start Easy CD Creator
    Select "File", "New CD Project", "Bootable CD"
    Select the bootable CD type
    Then Select "OK"
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I have my Roxio Easy CD Creator.
    I downloaded Bootsect.exe from eSnips.
    When I run it, it creates Bootsect.dos.
    What do I do with Bootsect.dos?
    I'm ready to create a bootable CD with Bootsect.??? on it.

    I do not understand. I thought I'd have a bootable CD with an EXE file on
    it, that, when I ran it, would give me some "fix my Vista boot record"
    option. Can someone explain?

    TIA, Paul

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    PaulB Guest

    RE: What is the bootsect.dos file for?

    Hi Paul,

    This site will show you how to get a Vista startup disk.

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    andy Guest

    Re: What is the bootsect.dos file for?

    You're going down the wrong path. The only thing the bootsect programs
    from eSnips do is copy the boot sector from the active primary
    partition of the hard drive and write it to a file named bootsect.dos.

    What you want to use is the bootsect program that comes with Vista.
    This bootsect program runs under Windows XP or Vista.

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    Paul H Guest

    Re: What is the bootsect.dos file for?

    Hi PaulB,
    Thank you for the help. The CD did work, but just got me "the blue screen
    of death". I attempted to reply directly to you, but my attempt was blocked
    by my Windows Mail for some cryptic reason. I want to show you some details
    of HP's support attempt (surprisingly good).

    This site will show you how to get a Vista startup disk.

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