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Thread: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

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    wadeb_21 Guest

    The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

    For some reason I am getting this error code (Explorer.exe The
    Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click Ok to
    Terminate the Application) whenever I try to log into my computer. I put
    in my password and then this message comes up and nothing happens it
    wont go to my desktop or anything. I then restarted and logged into my
    machine through safe mode and everything works. I tried to run a windows
    update to see if I was missing an update or something but in Safe Mode
    it will not let me run Windows updates. I also went to add and remove
    programs and tried to uninstall the most recent application I installed
    to see if that was the problem but once again I can not uninstall
    anything in safe. If someone could help me out with this problem I would
    really appreciate it thanks.

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    wadeb_21 Guest
    Does anyone have any info, that can help me? I would really appreciate

    Try this:

    *Start>>Run>>cmd.exe* and type

    *CACLS %systemroot%\System32\*.dll /E /G BUILTIN\Users:R
    **CACLS %systemroot%\System32\*.ocx /E /G BUILTIN\Users:R

    *and restart

    Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate it. I just tried
    this and it tells me access denied. Do you know why it would say that?

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    wadeb_21 Guest
    So I followed the instructions from the link you posted did the scan
    and it did find errors but couldn't fix them so I opened up the log it
    produced from the scan but I have no idea how to tell what files it
    didn't repair. Do you know how to tell? Or no of another way to fix
    this problem?

    The log file is a text file is it not? So open it with Notepad or
    something and copy/past the context in a post.

    I am not saying I can help you, but maybe, or someone else can help you.

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    Flavius Guest

    Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

    Did you all in normal mode or safe mode?If you did in normal mode it
    was fails because you have UAC turned on - you have to run *cmd.exe*
    with administrative previlliges (right click on it>>run as
    administrator) and then repeat my commands or repeat all from post 3 in
    safe mode.I thought you can't log in normal mode

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    wadeb_21 Guest

    Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

    I just tried both in Safe mode then restarted and I"m still having the
    same problem. Man this is getting fustrating, I don't understand what
    caused this problem. Do you have any other suggestions?

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    Flavius Guest
    Try this command in *cmd.exe*

    if these commands also return "access denied" you will have really big

    I'll give those commands a try and let you know how it goes. Is it
    possible I could have some sort of maleware that caused this?

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    wadeb_21 Guest
    ok I just ran both those commands. After I ran the first one it said

    "C:\windows\system32\jscript.dll" Now owed by user "Michael-PC\Michael"

    Then I ran the second command and it said this after

    successfully processed one file

    What do you think I should do now. should I restart and try and log in
    normally to see if those commands fixed the problem?

    In this case try this in *cmd.exe*

    *takeown /f C:\windows
    icacls C:\windows /grant administrators:F
    and check does trouble gone...

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    wadeb_21 Guest

    Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

    Ok I just ran both of those commands in safe mode and they were both
    successful. I then restarted and tried to log into normal mode and the
    same thing is still happening. Man I wish I new what caused this
    problem. Do you know of anything else I can do?

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    Mr. Arnold Guest

    Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) ClickOk to Terminate the

    One shouldn't get carried away trying to take ownership of C:\Windows

    Supported Resource Replacement Mechanisms
    Replacement of protected resources is supported through the following

    Permission for full access to modify WRP-protected resources on Windows
    Vista and Windows Server 2008 is restricted to TrustedInstaller with the
    Windows Modules Installer service using the following mechanisms:

    Windows Service Packs installed by TrustedInstaller.
    Hotfixes installed by TrustedInstaller.
    Operating system upgrades installed by TrustedInstaller.
    Windows Update installed by TrustedInstaller.

    Applications and installers attempting to replace a WRP-protected
    resource by means other than these specified methods are denied access
    to change the resource and generate an access denied error message.

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    Flavius Guest
    try this also in cmd.exe

    *icacls C:\windows /grant users:R
    *if also no help try to use SystemRestore

    I'll try this and let you know. The first thing I tried to do when this
    problem started was a system restore but that didn't work either.

    Choose>>Language>>Repair Computer>>System Restore?

    Maybe, you need to contact MS for support via email or contact the
    manufacture for software support of an OEM.

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    wadeb_21 Guest
    Yes I tried the restore and it went back to a earlier date but I still
    was unable to log into my machine in normal windows mode. Man I just
    want to throw this computer out the window.
    Do you think I could have some kind of Maleware that changed the
    settings around or something?

    It is possible.Check your system any tool i suggest to use 'Index of

    I'll scan my computer and see what it says.

    The thing is I don't have my vista DVD it didn't come with my computer.

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    wadeb_21 Guest
    I down loaded the scan you told me to but I don't understand how to use
    it? Can you explain it to me?

    This is livecd with antivir.Burn *.iso image on DVD and boot it.

    Where did you get the driver update? Was it Windows Update?

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    Flavius Guest

    Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

    I found another way to repair it. If you really have some trouble with
    permission maybe help you,when you'll finish scan.I've exported DACLs
    from my computer and try to import to you - I don't know this really
    good idea but you have little to lose...
    Download this file '' ,unpack it and place i.e on
    C:,then type in *cmd.exe*

    *icacls c:\windows /restore C:\aclfileN*

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    wadeb_21 Guest

    Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

    I haven't had a chance to run the scan yet that you told me to
    yesterday. I will try and run the scan today then do the zip file above.

    When I burn the scan to a disk do I boot my computer from the disk so
    it scans when the computer first turns on?

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    Flavius Guest
    Of course it is bootable CD/DVD (with mouse service of corse) and then
    you boot it appear menu there click scan and will work.

    PS.I will have no time for 2 days now so I have to leave you alone at
    the moment.Probably in this time you'll count only yourself.Good luck!

    Thanks allot with everything, I will do what you told me and post back
    so you can see how its going for me when you get back. Thanks again.

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