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Thread: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

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    ruddervader Guest

    Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    My thumbnails won't display correctly in folder view. I have recovered
    from Adware-Alert attack and feel my machine is clean ( Ran Malwarebytes
    Anti Malware, SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot S&D, Smitfraudfix and Spyware
    My antivirus is F-prot for Windows.

    I can't set a picture as desktop background but it's because I can't
    see the picture in the browse folder. If I move the cursor over the
    browse folders window I get an outline of a file with the file
    information but it's like the picture is invisible.

    I have tried all the suggestions and tutorials by Brink with no result.

    Incidentally, I just had an automatic update to SP1 just before this

    I have spent a couple of days haunting various forums and support sites
    without coming across these exact symptoms.

    I have attached a srceen shot of the file window and browse file

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated!


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    John Inzer Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Windows Vista -
    Double clicking an image opens
    Windows Photo Gallery without
    Previewing the image

    Windows Vista -
    How to Turn Folder Preview Thumbnails
    On or Off in Windows Explorer in Vista

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    ruddervader Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Thank you for your help. I had actually already been to both the places
    you suggested and tried those solutions. If I open my pictures folder
    the files are all there and they look like they should if they were
    thumbnails but there is no image, not even a generic placeholder. If I
    double click where the thumbnail should be it opens Windows Photo
    Gallery and the picture displays fine. Let me see if I can successfully
    attach a screen shot so you can see what I mean. I really appreciate
    your help!

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    John Inzer Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Try the following fix:

    File association fixes for Windows Vista
    File association fixes for Windows Vista

    If that fails...have a look at the following article
    and rename or delete Pictures.pd4 as instructed.

    (944221) Windows Live Photo Gallery stops
    responding or will not start

    Here's the path if you are using Windows Photo

    Windows Photo Gallery\Pictures.pd4

    The file can also be found with an Advanced
    Search for pd4.

    Go to...Start / Search / Advanced Search.

    Check the box..."Include non-indexed, hidden,
    and system files" Enter pd4 in the Name field
    and left click the Search button.

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    John Inzer Guest

    Renaming or deleting Pictures.pd4 will
    revert Photo Gallery to what is was the
    first time you opened it. Your pictures will
    have to be cataloged again.

    I had already looked at Shawn's tutorial and may try that when I have
    time. It looks like a great resource! Unfortunately I don't have the
    original DVD for this machine so I would have to sort out the SATA
    drivers as well.

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    ruddervader Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Well, I am making progress or maybe just muddling the problem. I tried
    your last two suggestions and then went through all my picture folders
    and set the "Views" button to "extra large icons" and made sure the
    "View" on the menu bar was set the same. (I did the file association
    fixes for jpg, jpeg, mpg, bmp, gif, and tif)
    Now I have picture thumbnails in all my picture folders and subfolders.
    All my other folders are set to "Details". So far, so good!
    Now when I go to personalize my desktop the browse window shows
    placeholder icons for the images. (Blueish ones for .jpg and orangeish
    ones for .bmp)(See screenshot 2). Now I can set .bmp files as background
    but not .jpg.
    I am grateful for your patience and expertise!

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    John Inzer Guest
    What happens if you right click a picture
    in one of your folders or in Windows Photo
    Gallery and choose... "Set as desktop

    This is a bit of effort, but useful to have for the future - and when
    SP2 arrives

    Is your problem isolated right now to JPGs simply not working correctly? Or
    is there more to it than that?

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    ruddervader Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    If I have one of the few bmp images up as desktop background, open
    photo gallery, right click on an image and click "set as background" the
    existing background dissappears and is replaced with a solid black
    backgound. Right clicking on any other image including bmp files and
    clicking on "set as background" produces no results.
    If I right click on the desktop and select personalize and select a bmp
    file it will set as background but no jpg file will. For example, if I
    open desktop background and change location to "Windows Wallpaper" I
    only see placeholder icons in the file viewer pane. If I click on browse
    I can see the thumbnails in the browse viewer pane but if I select one
    and click "open" the background switches to the background color but no
    image is displayed.
    I can't help but feel that there is some obscure setting I am
    overlooking but it escapes me completely!


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    ruddervader Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I just spent 4 hrs. in a chat with
    Microswamp Support and got nada. I was going to try a repair
    installation but don't have a Vista SP1 dvd. I guess I could uninstall
    SP1 and try the repair. Man this is frustrating!
    Thanks again for all your hard work!

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    John Inzer Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Longshot...but I'm wondering if you might have
    an issue with corruption in your User Account.

    Might be worth a try to create a new user account
    just to see if the issue persists.

    Windows Vista -
    Create a user account

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    ruddervader Guest

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    Well, after a week of beating my head against the keyboard I still have
    not found a solution that works. I spent three nights with our friends
    from India at MS Support and while they were very supportive they could
    not figure out a fix. At their suggestion I uninstalled Vista SP1 and my
    anti-virus (F-Prot).

    I have gone to Organize, View, Folder Options and checked and unchecked
    "Always show icons, never thumbnails" about a hundred times (With and
    without restart).

    I have gone to Control Panel, Ease of Acess, Make it easier to focus on
    tasks, and checked and unchecked "Remove background Images" as well.

    I have posted HJT logs on What The Tech, run spyare, adware and
    anti-virus scans in normal and safe mode and "As Administrator". I think
    I had an "Adware-Alert" attack which I cleaned up with MBAM. All scans
    are clean now.

    I ran Regedit and checked in "Windows Current Version", "Policies",
    "System" in both Local Machine and Current User and found no reference
    to wallpaper or desktop background.

    This problem affects all users (created new user and Administrator).

    This issue seems to have migrated into a desktop background issue. I
    can see thumbnails in all my file folders now but I can't see thumbnails
    if I "Personalize ",
    "Desktop Background". I can see Solid Colors (and can change them) but
    if I choose Windows Wallpaper from the Drop Down I only see generic
    icons or place holders. They are highly pixelated icons. If I choose
    Pictures folder I get the same thing. If I click on browse I can see the
    thunbnail view but no matter what I click on I can't set it as
    background. (Except for the few bmp files I have in My Picures).
    I can never right click on a thumnail or any image and "Set as Desktop

    I have Adobe Photoshop and Gimp installed but they were on here long
    before this problem started.
    BTW WindowsMedia Player seems to function normally.

    I still feel that there is some obscure basic setting that I am
    overlooking or the malware attack changed some fundamental Registry
    Setting that I am not aware of.

    There seems to be scores of similar issues posted around the net but I
    have failed to discover a definitive answer for this particular

    Maybe I should start a new thread as "Can't change Desktop Background"?

    I apoligize about the lengthy rant.



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    Apr 2009

    Re: Thumbnails won't display in folder view

    I had same problem but I had all my display settings set to best performance while I was doing some testing.

    Control Panel -> Performance Information Tools -> Adjust visual effects (top left) -> Adjust for best appearance

    brought my desktop background thumbnails back.


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