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Thread: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

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    Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    I posted this on several Vista groups in desperation. I can't get control
    of my own computer although I'm the only user. I can't understand the
    complicated directions given to OWN my own PC so I can delete unwanted files
    downloaded to it in error from a backup external drive.

    I'm the admin and only user on my Vista comp and can't delete old files I no
    longer want. How do I delete these unwanted files and why don't I have
    complete control over my own PC? How do I disable all these unwanted
    "safety" features in control of my PC? I have no password and there is one
    account - mine.

    How do I get rid of the annoying popup windows asking for permission to do
    almost everything? It's becoming torture using this Vista machine but I'm
    stuck with Vista until the warranty runs out.

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!! How the hell do I get control away from Windows/MS and OWN
    my own machine?

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    oscar Guest

    RE: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    Sometimes just one or two corrupted files in a large folder can prevent the
    Administrator from taking Full Control of the entire folder and its contents,
    thus negating the Parent Inheritance protocol that Vista UAC normally

    Here‚€™s some ideas to help gain control of your folders and files that are
    giving you trouble:

    1) turn off UAC and try to copy or move folders.
    2) run DOS as administrator and try to copy or delete from DOS command line.
    3) If your troubled folders or files are in a standard user account,
    transfer those files or folders from Standard users account to Administrator
    account and then try to take Full Control as the logged-in Administrator. You
    might need to set up sharing permissions, also. Right click folder,
    Properties to get to permissions and security settings.
    4) Google or Yahoo! for 3rd party software that will help you to gain Full
    Control of a folder or file.
    5) Exhaust all options by setting parameters in Properties > Security or
    Properties > Sharing.

    Sometimes Vista‚€™s UAC gets confused and won‚€™t allow the current
    Administrator to have Full Control on certain files/folders. Depending on the
    origin of the folders and files or how Vista‚€™s built-in administrators are
    protecting those files or folders, each problem of gaining permissions and
    Full Control seems to call for a different ‚€œworkaround.‚€Ě

    Last words: there really is no way of gettng around the fact that if a user
    wants to master the full potential of Vista, such as UAC, that user will have
    to purchase a thick book and take some time to learn Vista. In the long run,
    it will be more productive and less frustrating for the Vista user.

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    Re: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    This worked:

    You can turn off that security feature if it bothers you. Click on the link
    and read up on how to do it.

    A friend sent it to me the other night. I had no idea how to run DOS as the
    administrator or how to copy and delete that way. I have no knowledge how to
    change the unwanted files in question from a user to Admin' account. I
    purchased a Vista book and it doesn't seem to cover most of my questions.

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    LadyDaisy Guest

    RE: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    Disable the UAC which is the control over admin, etc. I was forced to.
    After buying VISTA, I no longer had control of my own computer. I could not
    even delete and organize my own favorites. I got so sick of access denied
    since I'm an old user from before windows I disabled the whole thing. Now I
    own my OWN computer again.

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    mjecstorer Guest

    RE: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    This problem is ridiculous!!
    I can't access files on my own computer.
    Turning off UAC had no effect whatsoever

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    Snidley W. Guest

    Re: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

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    mjecstorer Guest

    Re: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    Firstly, I apologise for not asking a specific question.
    I am trying to find out how to access files and folders on my computer, when
    I read the thread of this topic I felt the question had already been asked,
    and no appropriate solution given.
    I am running Vista Ultimate. I have 5 hard drives. When I try to access
    files on my Local disc E, a pop-up says I do not currently have permission to
    access the file, click continue to gain access, I click continue, then a
    pop-up says you have been denied access to the file.
    I am the only user of MY computer, I am the administrator, I have turned off
    UAC, I have set up an administrator account, but still can't access MY files
    and folders. Frustration is too weak a word for it.
    I am thinking of going back to XP.

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    mjecstorer Guest

    Re: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    Finally... I got a solution from Jimmy Brush.
    This was in the security section(

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    Jai Guest

    RE: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    I just want to delete vista from my computer...can anyone tell me how to get
    rid of this terrible operating system.

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    mickaybersmom Guest

    RE: Can't delete files.... constant permission popups!

    I went to circut city and purchased a new hard drive $45 and $89 for XP off
    of ebay. I was the only way to avoid the headache.

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