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Thread: MP4 / H264 video's with Windows Movie Maker?

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    MP4 / H264 video's with Windows Movie Maker?

    I recently upgraded my Xp system to Windows Vista Home Premium. It came with Windows Media Player v11 pre-installed. The only problem i am having since upgrade is with playing MP4/H264 (Mpeg4) files on this system. I tried searching this newsgroup for solution but dint found anything regarding this.

    Can anyone please tell me how can i play those videos in WMM on Vista? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: MP4 / H264 video's with Windows Movie Maker?

    It might be due to missing codecs. You will need to install a working third party MPEG4 file filter. try installing K-lite codec. It is free, you can download it ffrom google search. Or use a tool to convert them over to WMV first.

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