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Thread: Forgot my admin password

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    pk7498 Guest

    Forgot my admin password

    Can anyone help me? I have searched for three days for a fix and I'm
    about to throw this dagg gum computer out the window. I miss Micisoft
    Windows NT!!!! But someome told me Vista was alot better. :mad:

    I had just changed my password, and I am also listed as the admin and
    STUPID me forgotten my new (admin) password. My first mistake was I
    didn't create a separate user for myself. But I cant look back now. My
    floppy drive is broken so any back up disk is not possible.

    What can I do to either retrieve my password or change it. Please
    help!! :cry:


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    barman58 Guest

    Re: Forgot my admin password

    If you have access to your PC (or another) with a CD writing Capability
    Go 'Here' ( and you can
    create a bootable CD that will reset any vista password. :D

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    pk7498 Guest

    Re: Forgot my admin password

    My cd/dvd drive is broken... THanks to my daughter!! The only way I'm
    still able to use my computer is through my husbands account.


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    barman58 Guest

    Re: Forgot my admin password

    oh, that does make things more difficult the only thing I can suggest is
    to replace the drive ( which is something that you would probably need
    to to soon any way). The cost of cd/dvd writers is very reasonable these
    days $20 - $30 I would guess, I'm not in US so that's a guess based on
    local prices in UK) only other way would be a bootable USB pen drive if
    you have access to one of 1GB or larger.

    the main thing I can say is that the problem is solvable :D

    Just a thought If your Husbands Account is also an admin account you
    can reset your password from there, if not then it's a case of the disc

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    pk7498 Guest

    Re: Forgot my admin password

    I totally agree with you about purchasing a new CD/DVD Drive. Thanks
    for all of you help.


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