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Thread: Solution for "Game launcher has stopped working"

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    Catherine Guest
    A year ago or so I purchased a game from Oberon media, which worked fine
    until a few weeks ago when I could no longer launch it. I would get the error
    message "Game launcher has stopped working."

    After fruitless email exchanges with Oberon Media (whose customer service
    did their utmost to help me but seemed just as baffled by the issue), I
    searched far and wide online tonight and I found a solution, which I copied
    and will post here for information in case it will be of help to someone
    else--this solution comes straight from Oberon Media, go figure since they
    weren't able to help with a tech solution

    Still having problems with your Game Launcher loading in Vista? Thanks to
    Oberon Media techs the problem has been resolved (at least for me). Try this:

    If you are receiving the DRM activator error message do the following to
    correct the issue.
    1 - Left click on Start
    2.- Right click on Computer
    3 - Left click on Properties 4 - Left click on Advanced System Settings
    5 - Under Performance click on Settings
    6 - Left click on Data Performance Settings (on my computer the tab said
    Data Execution Prevention)
    8 - Click on Apply and then OK.

    UAC: (User Account Control)
    Open up Control Panel, and type in user account into the search box. You'll
    see the link for "Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off". Click it.
    Uncheck the box, and reboot your computer.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Solution for "Game launcher has stopped working"

    Hello! I had the same problem, but the source causing the launcher stopping was that I had a program in my system with the same name Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2009 - (launcher.exe) and they were conflicting with each other. So Iíve just disabled the Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2009 in start up programs. My problem was resolved.
    Hope this may help anyone.

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    zooky89 Guest

    Re: Solution for "Game launcher has stopped working"

    i have got a problem with assassins creed
    it logs out before getting the main menu ,just the first intro about
    the game and its first movie,even i cant start the game and i get
    (assassins creed has stopped working)if any one can help plz

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