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Thread: HELP!!!! Can't clear printer queue!

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    renman Guest

    HELP!!!! Can't clear printer queue!

    This vista platform is driving me crazy! I have had to remove my HP
    7460 Photosmart twice, now its locked up again. To remove it, the queue
    has to be cleared but I have a document that I can't get out. I have
    tried to remove the software and it said that it would need to remove it
    I gave it permission and it seemed like it removed it, but when I went
    back to the printer to remove the printer it still won't let me because
    it still has a doc. in the queue. I sure its locked up because of the
    print queue. HELP!!!


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    Cari \(MS-MVP\) Guest

    Re: HELP!!!! Can't clear printer queue!

    Control Panel, Printers, right click the printer in question and cancel all
    documents in the queue.

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    imajem Guest

    Re: HELP!!!! Can't clear printer queue!

    Hi...I just removed onenote2007 software from this toshiba notebook and
    that fixed my HP printer with the same problem as yours. Be sure to get
    all of it!
    Good luck....


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    JimK Guest

    Re: HELP!!!! Can't clear printer queue!

    NO, THAT DOESN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM! MS OneCare flags it as a problem; I
    clear the print queue; then within hours the problem is reported again: "A
    print job has been stuck in your printer queue for an extraordinarily long
    time. This prevents you from printing other documents."

    Printers: HP 1300, Adobe Acrobat ... plus MS Imagewriter and XPS Document
    writer. I removed an HP color printer, thinking that was a problem, but it
    didn't help.

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