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Thread: Trouble with IDT high definition audio CODEC

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    Trouble with IDT high definition audio CODEC

    Hi. three days ago I bought a brand new HP pavillion dv5 notebook.
    Today i experienced my first problem. At first, I heard the clicking sound the computer makes when you change the audio volume, and it also changed volume up and down.
    Each time the volume changes there comes a sort of pop-up on the middle of the screen. When the computer is changing volume (which it does constantly). this half-transparent pop-up makes it hard to see what is behind it, and it also makes it impossible to click anything that is behind it. I found out that it is probably IDT high definition audio codec that causes the problem.

    So the question is: Can anyone here tell me what to do to solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Donald McDaniel Guest
    That one is simple:

    Intel FUBARed the codec, and you must remove it entirely. Just uninstall
    from Programs and Features, then download and install teh SigmaTel codec
    PREVIOUS to the one which is FUBARed.

    I assume you have an Intel motherboard, so go to their website and find the
    SigmaTel codec OTHER than the one marked "IDT...." for your particular
    motherboard. It will be named "SigmaTel.....something or other".

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    I think I have an AMD motherboard. At least my processor is an AMD.
    I have also found out that the problem seems to usually occur during full-screen games. The rest of the touch "buttons" also becomes more or less inactive. (The Play/pause, mute, and Quickplay buttons)

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    Re: Trouble with IDT high definition audio CODEC

    It looks that the driver is corrupted or not installed properly. You must see the full volume control properly where you modify the settings. You can use keyboard shortcut to instantly change the volume. If still the popup appears, you can try re-installing the audio codec. I am not sure that there is any kind of third part audio manger for this product. You have to manage the existing settings only. By the way when you get this issue. While playing games, or any time when you reduce or increase the volume.

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    Re: Trouble with IDT high definition audio CODEC

    I think the issue is with Windows Volume manager. Run some update. Run Windows update and check back. You can see the list of updates in Windows control panel section. Choose any audio updates if you find a run it. Then check back. There are options to re-install Windows volume manager. Depending the version of Windows you are using, you need to check proper download in Microsoft site.

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