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Thread: LAN Gaming Issues

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    ZeroSP Guest

    LAN Gaming Issues

    Ive been having plenty of problems getting my computers to LAN together
    properly to play LAN games.

    I have 2 XP computers and 2 Vista laptops. I am reasonably experienced with
    networking and have setup the IP addresses, etc myself. The computers are in
    the same IP range, they are 'pingable' and can share internet access- A modem
    is attached to an XP computer which allows shared internet with the others.
    Computers are connected with a switch.

    However, I have problems playing LAN games between the computers. The XP
    computers connect immediately to each other, however the Vista ones are
    giving me big problems. I have allowed access for the exe files and necessary
    ports through Vista's windows firewall.

    For Civlization IV I can only connect the games using hamachi - Any computer
    can host and I can play. Or if just the laptops- a wireless connection works.
    A normal LAN connection does not work!

    Mechwarriors 4 will only connect if a particular XP computer hosts (the one
    with the modem). If any of the others host- they can see each other, but
    cannot connect.

    Rise of Nations- All computers can see games created by the other computers
    but the vista computers cannot connect and if Vista hosts- its visible but no
    one can connect. Only 2 player available (I really want atleast 3 player for
    this game!! ANY SUGGESTIONS?)

    However, Warcraft III works fine!

    Does anyone have a solution that would allow me to just play the games

    Thanks in advance

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    John Guest

    Re: LAN Gaming Issues

    I don't have any problem using lan with vista to windows xp. I think you
    need to change the network name to all the same I think its called
    workgroup. I used the help file in vista to get it up and running

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    ZeroSP Guest

    Re: LAN Gaming Issues

    I have tried that (Forgot to mention it)
    All computers are set to MSHOME

    Thanks for the input.

    Anyone else have any suggestions???

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    acfreema Guest

    Re: LAN Gaming Issues

    workgroup is irrelevant. i have found that civ 4 can be inconsistent,
    possibly because i'm not the sole maintainer of all systems involved.
    on my network, we have 3 vista machines and everything else is linux or
    windows, the only times that we have problems with getting any games to
    work (warcraft 3, titan quest, civ 4, fear, and others) are when there
    is a dhcp or dns conflict. if you're only using one router, you should
    have no problem.

    historically, the biggest lan problems i've had were related to a
    couple of worms in xp that made a computer invisible or unable to see
    others on the network. it may be time to seek out a few free virus
    scanners for testing.

    ultimately, i think your biggest problem could be that you have people
    who are not savvy that are installing things without considering
    possible repercussions (just like xp) and ruining the functionality. my
    general recommendation for people like this (usually, college kids with
    a pc that their parents provided) is to reformat and set them up with an
    administrator and a limited account with the permissions they need to do

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    John Guest

    Re: LAN Gaming Issues

    I don't have any problems at all, I run titan quest, cod, Coduo, cod2,
    wolfenstien, Rome total war, age of empires 3. We play a lot of lan games as
    I have 4 pcs linked up. Have you got 2 ip numbers the same without realizing
    it. Its easy done.
    the ip numbers I use are - 4 which are all fixed, with subnet

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    Zeligg Guest

    Re: LAN Gaming Issues

    I've found that various computers can have problems connecting to each
    other if you have a mix of pc's using simple file sharing and standard
    networking. Switch them all to standard if they aren't already.

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