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Thread: Sound through Headphones Not Speakers

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    Sound through Toshiba Satellite Headphones but not from Speakers

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I had formatted and installed Vista. It is working fine but it looks there some issue with the audio. When I insert the headphone I can hear sound. But speakers are not working. After Vista upgrade I had updated all the drivers and other required stuff. It was working well and there was no issue with hardware compatibility. Now I am stuck with speaker. It is not working. What should I do. Thanks.

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    Go to the sound settings and check whether the default setup is not configured for the headphone. This is not a audio driver problem. It is just misconfigured settings. You have to verify the same and it will be fixed. Check all the sound settings and then verify the volume properties also. You can see that in system tray.

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