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Thread: Cannot write to drive "Media is write protected"

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    Cannot write to drive "Media is write protected"

    I have three hard drives iny my computer and have dual booted Ubuntu and Vista OS on it. I had recently come up with a problem with the drives, when ever i am trying to copy, delete or either rename files in my E: drive, which i use as a storage drive, I get an error message "The disk is write protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk." I have enabled all settings and given full rights to Administrators but it isnt working. When I am trying to change the security settings, I get this error:
    "An error occurred while applying security information to
    The media is write protected."

    Any ideas how can I solve this issue?

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    I have a solution for this problem that might solve the issue that you are facing. First try to use checkdisk in your hard disk and check the status of your hard drive or if there are any corrupt files, then it will automatically get cleared. If that doesnt work then you can use Diskpart. All you have to do is run diskpart in command prompt and then select the drive and its volume and then run "Attributes volume clear readonly". You will get options to set security permissions and then you will be able to cut, copy, paste in your drive properly.

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    This write-protection of drive is also caused by the Antivirus program if it finds a virus in the boot sector of the hard drive named Sinowal.A. And to fix this issue, we need to download a tool called MBRFix which is a very small file and it needs to be run from the command line. After downloading the file, go to the User Folder and start the PC and then open the command prompt in administrator mode by right clicking on it. After that you need to choose "Allow" from the UAC popup box, incase you havent turned it off. And then at the C:\Users\{your name}\> prompt, type the below:
    MBRFix /drive {drive number} fixmbr /yes
    You can repeat the same command for checking all the drives that you have installed in your pc and if you suspect they are at fault, then it will get fixed. After that simply reboot your pc and see if the antivirus program is still write-protecting the hard drive or not.

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    Go to My Computer and click the right mouse button on the icon of the hard disk which is write protected. Then go to the tab "Hardware", select "Disk Drives" and click the "Properties" button. After that click on the tab "Policies" and tick "Enable write caching on the disk" and enable it. Now test the copy, paste, etc on the hard drive and see if it works.

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    Re: Cannot write to drive "Media is write protected"

    can anyone help me, i have a 500GB hard disk and dont want to loose the information on it, will allow u to use teamviewer to enter my pc to help me solve this problem. much appreciated.

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