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Thread: AHCI Controller is installed but SATA Hard Drive is not detected by Vista

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    AHCI Controller is installed but SATA Hard Drive is not detected by Vista

    I had bought a new 250GB Sata hard drive. I am not having Sata port in my system. I had purchased PCIe to SATA AHCI Host Card. It is a PCI-E card. So it would be better for me to expect a good transfer rate. First I had connected the card and then restart my system. Vista located it and I had installed the driver. In Device Manager I can see the AHCI controller. But when I connect the hard drive to it is not detected. I checked the same a number of time. The hard disk is new, the card is detected, but still Vista is not providing me the drive in My Computer.

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    Go in BIOS and then see. You might be able to locate some settings in the same. I think the problem lies with the bios settings not with the card. Many bios have AHCO settings which are required to configured manually. You might get some kind of manual with the card check in that. You can try finding the card installation guide on web. That would help you a lot.

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