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Thread: nVidia GeForce drivers installation problem on Vista 64bit

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    nVidia GeForce drivers installation problem on Vista 64bit

    I have dual booted my computer with Windows XP 32 bit and Windows Vista 64 bit and I have recently changed the CRT monitor that i was using to a flat widescreen monitor and i am using a dual monitor as well. Now, i have a nVidia 7300 GT graphics card and i am not able to install its latest driver by downloding and installing it from nvidia website. I get an error that says that i am not suppose to use the 32 bit uninstaller with a 64 bit application. Another message that i am getting is that this drivers are intended to run under Vista 64 bit and this is not the OS that i am installing on? What should i do in this case?

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    Re: nVidia GeForce drivers installation problem on Vista 64bit

    Have you tried downloading and installing the NVIDIA ForceWare Vista 64bit Display Driver WHQL for Windows Vista by searching it via google. Normally, the graphics driver installer sometimes displays an incorrect operating system by mistake. On of my friend was having similar problems with his 8800 GT graphics card. When he used to check on Nvidia's auto checker they used to tell him that he had the latest driver but in windows he was not getting it installed correctly. So he uninstalled all the previous drivers and used the NVIDIA ForceWare and it worked properly for him. Hope that it works for you as well.

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    I have finally found a solution for this problem. Normally we should not launch the install program directly because then we will get that warning messages. All we need to do is just unzip the files into a particular folder and then go that folder and double click the exe file, now the proper installation begins without any error messages. I guess the install process is poorly designed which is why it was giving the operating system error and all. Now that it has been solved, i hope that the nvidia will fix this issue in their latest updates.

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