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Thread: IEEE 1394/Firewire and Vista Ultimate

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    IEEE 1394/Firewire and Vista Ultimate

    Need some urgent help from you all regarding my Sony DCR-TRV30 camera with Windows Vista Ultimate. I am having a desktop computer powered with ASUS motherboard having 1394 connectors in front and back side. I bought a Sony DCR-TRV30 camera that is just unable to get connected with my system. Vista just donít want to recognize it, donít know why. As a workaround I checked for its drivers under Device Manager, everything is ok. I bought new Firewire cables but that too dint worked. Later I also purchased new firewire PCI card but no success.

    When I turn on my camera to VCR mode and try to ping, It wont ping though it is plugged into Firewire port because Vista is just unable to recognize the device. But the confusion is my camera shows that it is plugged in with the computer. Any idea or suggestion for getting rid of this problem ?

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    Re: IEEE 1394/Firewire and Vista Ultimate

    Hello Jyran, I have been through exact the same problem with same camera and Vista. I think am facing this problem earlier than you and till now the only solution I got is that getting a device like this one ADVC110. Am going to buy it in next few days and hope it will work. Other than this I donít think there is anything else we can do.

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    Re: IEEE 1394/Firewire and Vista Ultimate

    Here are few things you can go through to fix this problem:

    Buy any cheaper 4pin to 4pin Firewire cable and FIREWIRE PCI card with at least one 4pin firewire socket.
    Go to Device Manager and makes sure IEEE 1394 bus host controller is showing up.
    Connect the camera using the 4pin firewire socket and XP or Vista will install the drivers automatically.

    You donít need any additional Software, or Addition codecs. Any cheaper PCI card or cable will work with this because D8 Handycams directly transfer encoded Video Data in Digital format thru Firewire cable. Firewire cable does not transfer RF video input.

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