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Thread: Plugged In, Not Charging Battery

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    Plugged In, Not Charging Battery

    I have got myself a HP laptop that has Windows Vista installed on it. I have updated the operating system to Service Pack 1 and now the battery of this laptop isnt charging at all. When i checked it, it was completely drained out and says that 0% available plugged in and not charging. I went to device manager and removed the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery drivers and then installed it again by scanning for hardware change. I have also tried to unplug and plug the battery in the laptop, but that doesnt work either. What should i do to get the battery charging again in the laptop.

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    Re: Plugged In, Not Charging Battery

    I think that you will need to contact the hp support team because if they have a new driver or some workaround for same then they will let you know. I have seen this similar problem happening with Windows XP service pack 2. And there were 8 different patches that hp had brought forware to install on your pc, before installing the service pack 2.

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    Can you check if the laptop is working properly if it is plugged into the AC power using the power cord and power brick with or without a battery installed in the laptop? Also how old is your laptop and its battery? If you plug it in another laptop then is it charging normally or not charging at all. You may need to change the battery incase if it is not working on another laptop or so as well, it could be dead.

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    I have a hp laptop and when the battery is fully charged, then it will stop automatically charging, so that it doesnt get damaged. You could try to use the below settings that can be done for the battery:
    • First of all you have to right click the power icon
    • After that try to open power options
    • Now you should open show additional plans
    • Here you should choose calibrate
    • After that remove the power cable
    • Now you should allow the battery to drain till laptop shuts down
    • Aftet that you have to reconnect power
    • Now you should start up the laptop
    • In the end open power options again and reset to original power plan.

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