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Thread: ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter

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    ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter

    I have installed Windows Vista on my computer and I am looking for the vista driver of ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter. I have already tried numerous driver from many sites, but none of them are working. Can anyone please give me a download link for the driver of this thing, which will work on Vista properly?

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    RE: ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter

    Search for a file name called which is only 411.9 KB in size on driverguide website. It will deifinitely work on Windows Vista operating system.

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    Re: ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter

    If there are any drivers available for the ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter that works on Windows Vista then you can try to let Windows find the drivers automatically for it by going into device manager. I have tried searching for its driver from many sites as well, but everywhere only Windows XP driver for this device is listed, so I dont think that this is a compatible device that will run in Windows Vista.

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