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Thread: Windows mobile device center won't sync with ipaq

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    Windows mobile device center won't sync with ipaq

    I have an ipaq which has an operating system of Windows CE 4.2 and in my vista system it is recognized properly, but i am unable to browse or open any of the its internal content. Also when I try to sync it then it will give an error message "There is a problem with your connections. Please disconnect and reconnect your device and try again". I also noticed that there is a sticker in this same device which says Pocket PC 2003 and I have already done enough of the reinstallation of the device but nothing s working. I need help here.

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    I had an iPaq 4155 which was working fine for a couple of month then all of a sudden it stopped working on my Vista machine. I have tried many things from hard resetting the device to restoring vista but nothing worked. But then i read somewhere if i simply choose to manually update the drive in the device manager and choose an old driver version for this device, then it would solve this issue. So i performed the same troubleshooting method but auto update was trying to install some other ipaq model version of the driver, I thought for a second and then finally gave up by installing the HP USB Sync 1631 and to my surprise, the my device started working. I am not sure if this will work for anyone, but can be tried out.

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    Re: Windows mobile device center won't sync with ipaq

    Try the below method to solve your issue:

    1. Connect your iPaq and go to device manager. You will see a symbol with a list of "Unknown Device" which is your ipaq.
    2. After that right click on that same device and select Update Software Driver
    3. Choose the option to browse computer for driver and select to pick from a list of device on my computers.
    4. After that untick the "Show compatible hardware" box and selecy "HP" in the Manufacturer window
    5. You will come accross three options where you can choose "HP USB Sync 1631 (Microsoft)" in the model window and if this driver is not available on your computer then search on the net for "Windows Vista HP USB Sync 1631 driver" and download the same.
    6. After downloading, click on next and then click "YES" to abide the warning and the driver for the device will get installed immediately.

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    Re: Windows mobile device center won't sync with ipaq

    I have the same problem with the HP ipaq hx4700. I still can not solve the problem

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    Re: Windows mobile device center won't sync with ipaq

    Quote Originally Posted by mickfitz View Post
    I have the same problem with the HP ipaq hx4700. I still can not solve the problem
    Have you tried syncronizing the ipaq to your computer/laptop via bluetooth? The HP iPAQ comes with built-in Bluetooth technology that allows short-range connections and provides fast, reliable, and secure wireless communication. Before you begin, ensure that both your computer and your device are Bluetooth-enabled and that you have logged on to the computer using an administrator account.

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