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Thread: Missing driver for IBM Thinkpad R40 network controller

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    Missing driver for IBM Thinkpad R40 network controller

    I am having a IBM Thinkpad R40 notebook. My story is also the same like other. I upgraded to Vista Home Premium and lost the internal drivers. I checked inside Device Manager and found that the network controllers is not installed. I thought everything in the same will be automatic, but the scene was a bit different here. I am not able to find any Vista compatible drivers for it. I need some help to make it work. My wireless and lan both are not working.

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    Did you checked the same on official website. You must able to locate the drivers there. And if there are no vista drivers available then skip using it. Go back to Windows XP. I lost my audio after Vista upgrade. I installed XP on the other partition and used the old driver disc. All things went fine, there is no error nor there is any problem with the configuration settings. I am sure there must be some kind of way by which I can re-configure the driver installation.

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