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Thread: Bluetooth mouse looses connection after Vista sleep state

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    Bluetooth mouse looses connection after Vista sleep state

    I have got myself a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer mouse which is having some problem with my bluetooth. When ever I use the sleep mode in my computer then the bluetooth mouse wont reconnect in my pc. And if I want to get the mouse to working then I have to pull the batteries out from the moues and then only it will reconnect. I have Windows Vista installed on my pc and am using the latest microsoft drivers for this mouse as well. Can anyone help me.

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    RE: Bluetooth mouse looses connection after Vista sleep state

    I was facing the same problem on my Dell machine which was running on Window vista. I have got myself a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and it was installed and working properly on this machine. But after waking the laptop after hibernation, the mouse was not able to reconnect. But only the first time it used to show up in Bluetooth Devices, so after installing it again it used to work. But now even it shows up it wont connect. I have turned off the mouse and again installed it but still it wont work although in device manager, it says that it is working fine?

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    Have you checked by going into sleep mode properties and then under power management, if some settings are not messed up? It might be possible that Vista might not be able to wake up the driver that is needed when it comes back from the sleep or hibernation mode that is enabled on your pc. Therefore it will only work when you restart the computer since the application file is a part of the startup programs. You can even try to disable the different startup items by going into the msconfig options and see if that helps you out or not.

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    You have to make sure that bluetooth devices that is displayed in Device Manager have the updated drivers for it. Also you have to check any power management settings that might conflict with the bluetooth hardware. If this things are not the issue, then simply test the the bluetooth devices on other pc to ensure if the device is not at fault.

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