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Thread: Dazzle DVC80 driver for Pinnacle Studio

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    Dazzle DVC80 driver for Pinnacle Studio

    I am not able to find drivers for DVC80. I had purchased this some time ago. I am using Pinnacle studio. I had formatted my system and installed Vista. And then installed the same edition of Pinnacle Studio that I had used in Windows XP. But it is not detecting DVC80 adapter. I think it is installed but there can be some problem related to driver. I am not sure about that.

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    Go in Device Manager. DVC80 if installed properly will be listed and if not then there will be a kind of exclamation mark on the same. You need to find the right drivers. Because if you cant find the same then it will be complicated to find proper drivers. Ensure that the hardware supports Vista or it will be a bit waste of time of installing the same in Vista.

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