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Thread: built in webcam locked by another application

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    built in webcam locked by another application

    I have recently purchased a new Toshiba laptop and it has come with a built-in webcam with the name Chicony. This webcam works normally when I start the computer for sometime but later when I want to use it again with some messengers or with the chicony software, I am getting a message that is saying something that it is locked by some another application but i have verified that no other application uses it? And other thing is that the chicony software wont start even when i launch it sometimes. How do i solve this problem.

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    Re: built in webcam locked by another application

    Have you tried checking the Toshiba official website for any latest version of the webcam software or driver? You can also check the software that you have installed on your computer if it is loading in the startup menu and then try to disable it. For going into startup menu, you have to click on start and then type msconfig in the search bar and then a windows will pop-up and there you have to click on startup tab.

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    Re: built in webcam locked by another application

    2 Weeks ago I have bought this laptop and I have already checked on the Toshibe site for the latest driver but there are not any i suppose. I also checked many people having this same problem with their units and webcam. I have also tried the option to go into msconfig and disabling it from the startup tab but when the cam is loaded, then also it doesnt work. Is there any other solution. Thanks for the reply though.

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    Download the Essential System Updates for Microsoft Windows Vista from the HP website from here, which installs Microsoft fixes and enhancements for the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System, as well as providing other fixes and enhancements that are specific to the supported notebook models. These fixes and enhancements are required to improve the performance of these notebook models. But still even after installing this update you are having problems then call Toshiba and ask for a replacement because since you recently bought the laptop, you will get it freely under its warranty.

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    I have solve this issue by reading from different discussion boards. Below is the fix that i have used:
    • First of all go to Control Panel and then System Maintenance and then Device Manager.
    • After that you have to go to Imaging Devices and right-click "Chicony USB 2.0 Camera" and choose "Update Driver Software"
    • Now you have to click on "Search automatically for updated driver software" and then choose the "Browse my Computer for Driver Software" and then
    • "Let Me Pick from a List".
    • After that I tried updating one of the "Chicony USB 2.0 Camera" and that seemed to do the trick.

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