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Thread: hard drive filling up by itself

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    hard drive filling up by itself

    I have a hp laptop and have a 160 gb hard drive in it which is filling up all of its own at every 1 day or 2 days time? I have already done everything that is possible to have a free space in the drive, but it fills up again. I have deleted system restore and shadow files, deleted cookies and temp files as well and also uninstalled a couple or software from control panel but still getting the same issue. 2 days before I was having 50gb space free in the hard drive and today I am having only 45 gb free space and inbetween this period I havent installed or saved anything on the hard drive, so why is this happening. I need some assitance to this annoyance.

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    RE: hard drive filling up by itself

    Even one of a friend was facing similar issue on his pc. I think that there might be some virus problem in your system which might be doing some damage and is not noticed by the antivirus that you have installed in your computer. I would recommend you to first of all back up all the important data from the hard drive to some external drive or any usb drive and then reformat the whold hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows Vista with a stable antivirus software with full updated definitions and other programs that you required. You could do a scan for virus instead of following this routine but with a complete format, i guess there wont be any traces left of the virus in your computer.

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    Since you have installed Windows Vista on your computer, I think that it should be the backup software which comes with it and that is consuming spaces in your hard drive. There is a automatic function in this operating system where it backups all the documents that you have in your pc and thus making it double which is normally consuming the free space in the hard drive. There is a way to remobe this automatic backup process in Vista, just google it and you will get all the steps.

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    Re: hard drive filling up by itself

    Hello Sir,
    I am also facing the same problem what you have mentioned here. Could you please tell me the solution you have opted to solve this problem. Please revert as soon as possible.

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