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Thread: no disk-exception processing message 0xc0000013

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    no disk-exception processing message 0xc0000013

    When ever i am trying to remove any cd or dvd from my dvd writer drive, I am getting an error message that "exception processing message 0xc0000013 parameters 0x759f023c 0x87f51935 0x759f023c 0x759f023c". I have only done itunes update prior to this problem started. I am on Vista and this drive seems to be working fine, but only this error is kind of irritating me. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this issue?

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    This problem occurs due to a bug of the last windows update in Vista. There is a process called coreliomonitor.exe that gets started at the Windows Bootup to desktop. So, what you can do, either kill this process by going into the task manager or open up msconfig and uncheck it from the startup process of the Windows and then restart the pc to take effect. Try out this solution and let me know if you were able to solve the issue.

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    Have you by any chance installed Corel Paint Shop Pro and updated it recently in your pc, because this coreliomonitor.exe is a process of this same software which is running at the background. I ask you because even I was facing similar problems which was related to the PSP Pro X2 update. So simply, click on Start >> Run >> Type msconfig >> and then press enter. Click on the Start UP tab and find an entry called 'Corel File Shell Monitor' and just uncheck it and restart the pc. This will solve the dvd drive problem for you.

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    Even I am having this same issue and to be concluding this I am not at all using Corel Products on my pc and I have even checked in task manager and msconfig's startup list and it is not listed there either. I was getting this error when I was trying to convert a .mov file from a dvd. So I dont think that this problem is with the Corel Software all alone, it has to got something with Vista. Are there any other solutions.

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    Re: no disk-exception processing message 0xc0000013

    thats all well and good drteo66 but how do you stop the drive from running for us people who arent good at computers and then restart it as well

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    Re: no disk-exception processing message 0xc0000013

    Obviously it depends on removable media along. I attach a card reader on my laptop. And since then I've changed the drive letter - I have high letters marked with ( U: V: W: etc) - occurs more at the problem does not. diskmgmt.msc on Start | Run and invoke right-click with "then change drive letter and paths" letter of the removable media change. I am sure that it will definitely help you.

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