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Thread: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

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    Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    There is a problem whhen setting up a computer right now, motherboard is Foxconn NF-Ck804, Socket 939, installed vista ultimate, everything worked like normal, then one day it started giving BSOD error code 0x00000124 and then. I went to different forums, but did not find any clear answer, everywhere different solutions were given like some were getting this error because of video driver and others for ram or hardware, etc..
    Did anyone face a similar type of problem? I would be very grateful for an answer for same. Thanks.

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    I was able to solve this similar kind of issue faced due to the error message 0x00000124! :)

    I will describe the process from the beginning, maybe my experience will come handy to someone.

    1) My computer was pretty old, and I used to get this error message 0x00000124 continously when i try to start my pc. I immediately suspected that it was the power supply, and therefore bought a new one, a little stronger, and installed it. After setting up this new PSU, the error began to show up less often than before, but still used to show up quite a few times.

    2) So for my second guess I started checking the hard drive partition (C) by goind into command prompt and using chkdsk c: /f /, I immediately found 20 damaged kilobytes file on the C drive. So I decided to go with a complete format of the C drive and reinstall windows on it.

    3) Almost immediately after installing the new Vista OS, I began to study the how much power does the motherboard, processor, etc utilize. I found that the voltage on the CPU should be slightly lower than that exhibited by default in the motherboard BIOS settings (check the voltage by a softwre called Cpu-z or Everest). Also, it was found that the voltage on the memory on the motherboard automatically shifts either too little or too high. So i went into BIOS, and dropped the voltage by one point and at the percent of RAM.

    After all the action computer was stable for two weeks!
    In general, the problem of this stop: 0x00000124 error is is:
    a) Power problems.
    b) High Voltage problems.
    c) Bad sectors on the hard disk!

    I cannot say for sure that this 3 points are accurate but, in general, I hope my experience with this kind of error message will help somebody.

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    I have suffered from Windows 7 x64 Ultimate BSOD's 0x124 about every hour for the past 3 months.. (Since install of Windows 7)... I have resolved the issue for myself. These seem to be BIOS related. Check your settings. I made 4 changes to my BIOS.. I have yet to pinpoint the exact setting (1 of 4) that I changed BUT I am pretty sure I figured it out. 0x124 is a processor error. Calls to an operation code (OP) caused failure. I beleve the culprit of this error is Intel SpeedStep Technology being Enabled. I disabled it and have not experienced 1 BSOD in the past 3 days.. I will list the other (minor) changes that were made, however I do not believe they helped in resolving the issue. 2nd change... Assign IRQ to VGA. I have a PCIE card. So I set this to disable. SMART Status changed from AUTO to Enabled (Once again I do not think this would have ANYTHING to do with the processor error 0x124) 3rd my "Plug and Play AWARE OS" was set to "NO".. I set it to "YES".

    So to recap...
    1st try - Disable Intel SpeedStep Technology
    2nd - Do not assign IRQ to VGA if you are on PCIE.

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    I had a similar problem on a desktop computer equipped with dual-socket dual-core AMD Opteron processors. Long story short, it was caused by one of the fans on the CPUs not working. CPU 1 temperature was between 50 and 60 Celsius, while CPU 2 without a fan > 100C.

    I was able to detect the problem after running stress tests on Windows 7 and Ubuntu (dual system). This way I eliminated any driver problem.

    You can install an app to monitor the CPU temp.

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    youre post realy helps but what do you do if after several time of this blue screen erors your pc do not function at alll....mine it runnes i hera how it charges but the screen has no image?:-?? some parts of the pc crashed!!! could you give me your opinion what i can do in this situation? please hepl

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    Quote Originally Posted by dsdharier View Post
    youre post realy helps but what do you do if after several time of this blue screen erors your pc do not function at alll....mine it runnes i hera how it charges but the screen has no image?:-?? some parts of the pc crashed!!! could you give me your opinion what i can do in this situation? please hepl
    Which operating system have you installed in your pc? Whats the computer specifications that you have? You need to ensure that none of the hardware components are overclocked. Hardware that is driven beyond its design specifications - by overclocking - can malfunction in unpredictable ways.

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    Hi dsdharier
    As I understood from your post, your system is not starting at all. Have I understood you correctly.
    If this is not the case, as "SpearMan" said, we need more information about your system.
    I suggest that before starting to investigate "overclocking" and "voltage" issues and starting messing with the BIOS, to look for simple causes first.

    1- Do a memory test. Search on the internet how to do that on Windows on Linux.
    2-Download CPU-Z and see the CPU parameters you have.
    3-Download an application to monitor your CPU temperature. Many applications are available online.

    Finally and most importantly is to know when does this blue screen occur. In my case, it was when I run multi-threaded application.

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    Hi there, just wanted to know, i have a hp pavillion entertainment im not a wizkid when it comes to talkin computer lingo but, im getting soooo frustrated have to go through a ''blue screen'' every 2 mins (literally). I have been told that it could be an electrical wire that has burnt out that cools the motherboard and i can understand that this diagnosis could play a massive part in the issue. I play a lot of world of warcraft and was told that it could be down to the graphics card burning out..... now, i would believe that, but it even happens before i even get to the windows log in screen. I need help with this soooo badly, a step by step guide would be excellent if anyone has the time and patience to provide one for me, thank you so much for any advice!!

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    Re: Solution to STOP 0x00000124

    Hi Benji290389,

    Could you tell us what is the exact error code of the blue screen is appearing on the screen so that, we can get some information based on the same error code. BSOD's are not always caused by hardware faults but also due to driver conflicts and updating it normally solves the issue, it can also be a ram issue, however.

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