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Thread: Windows Vista rating does not detect my CPU and RAM

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    Windows Vista rating does not detect my CPU and RAM

    I cannot find any of my processor and ram in Windows Vista. It is not listed in Windows Vista experience. The one you can access by right clicking on My Computer > Properties. I thought there would be some option by which Vista can rate my system and tell me where I lack.

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    It happens to some processors which are not listed in Vista. But there is a way to fix that. Just type %SYSTEMROOT%\Performance\WinSat\DataStore in Start > Search box. If any folder popup just delete all .xml files from it. Then again to Windows Experience Update and check it. I think you might be able to see your system. This is not usually very helpful. It is just a very basic service. You can use a benchmarking software which is far more better for this kind of things.

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    Try to use Windows Update. I think that might help. Or even system restore is the best option. It will allow you to get your old system settings back. The experience index just allow you to find the system performance. And I do not think that there are some applications that might cause any kind of problem with Experience index.

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