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Thread: Vista Update Nvidia Driver nvlddmkm.sys BSOD

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    Vista Update Nvidia Driver nvlddmkm.sys BSOD

    I have a Windows Vista system with Nvidia graphics card installed on my machine. Everything was working fine, but just yesterday all of a sudden I started getting artifacts on the deskptop. I immediately started to uninstall the graphics driver, but as soon as I did it, my system crashed with a BSOD and it was giving error of nvlddmkm.sys. I was able to login in my system in Safe mode, and then i started uninstalling all the display drivers but reinstalled the latest from the nvidia site, but it didnt work. I even tried to install old drivers, beta drivers, but it was not working, just giving me same BSOD. I dont know what else to do, please help me.

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    You should give it a try again by going into safe mode and then installing the drivers from the Nvidia site, and always remember to follow the Nvidia procedures for uninstalling any old drivers that you have in your system. You should also not use any Windows update to check or get any kind of new drivers for the graphics card, since they may conflict with the nvidia ones. Recently, there was a rumours of a new Windows update which when installed on the system can cause problems similar to the problem you are facing. You should never put Windows to download and install updates automatically, instead you should put it to download the updates and notify you for installation. Also while in safe mode, you should try to uninstall the drivers by checking the box to delete driver files also before you install the latest version of the nvidia drivers.

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    It is definitely a Windows Update problem because previously everything was working fine for me, hence another microsoft fault that can be blamed here. I have my computer running perfectly for 2 years without any issues and with all the new drivers released by Nvidia. Therefore I think that Nvidia company shouldnt be blamed here for the current problems that is being caused by the Microsoft's Windows Update. This issue is related to the hotfix that is released in the update.

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    How was the problem solved ?

    I'm starting to have this problem also...

    In my case: the hardware was stuck.

    After reinstalling, restoring, trying very different scenario's, the videocard finally gave up and he didn't even boot anymore (not even in BIOS).

    So I bought new videocard and everything went back to normal.

    Nvidia cards work only two years and one month !! (one month after warranty period

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