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Thread: Asus K8V Se Deluxe audio dead on Vista

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    Asus K8V Se Deluxe audio dead on Vista

    My system has Asus K8V SE Deluxe motherboard. I bought this one to get a bit high end system for gaming. I added a 5.1 Sound card on it. I was not satisfied with the existing audio support which does not output any effective. Now I bought Windows Vista Business edition. After installation I updated all the drivers. All worked. The display, the lan, etc. But the only thing that stucked is the audio. When I remove the sound card I can hear audio from the integrated on-board audio. While nothing happens if I go with a third party sound support. What should I do know to make this sound card work.

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    re: Asus K8V Se Deluxe audio dead on Vista

    What is the model of your sound card. Who is the manufacturer. Because you can find the drivers on its official website. That is the only place from where you can download it. It is not going to work in Windows Vista unless there is no appropriate drivers. Your onboard sound driver is found in the motherboard driver disc. You wasted your money buying a additional sound-card while the onboard sound has 5.1 feature.

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