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Thread: Firewire (IEEE 1394) not working

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    Firewire (IEEE 1394) not working

    I have a Sony Handycam and i am not being able to connect it to my computer with the firewire connection. I have recently installed vista on my computer and even using the IEEE 1394 connection the handycam is not recognizable in the operating system. Previously it used to work in Windows XP just fine but with this new OS installation, it is giving me problems. I suppose removing this vista would be a good choice?

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    The IEEE 1394 port (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) or FireWire has emerged from a decade and there are two standards, once which is the IEEE 1394a which can reach a maximum throughput of 400 Mbit/s and the IEEE 1394b can reach 3 GBits/s which is also known as FireWire 2. Domestic PCs are usually equipped with a FireWire type 1. If you have never used IEEE 1394 port, the first things to check is inside the cabinet. Even if you have a FireWire output from your PC, we cannot say that it is connected. So open your case and check that the motherboard is connected to the IEEE. In case there would be no connection, then it will be necessary to purchase a FireWire controller card, preferably internal (PCI).

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    Check the 3 points listed below to troubleshoot the IEEE 1394 Firewire:

    If you have a PCI card, it may be that it is defaulting. You can test, for example, by changing the PCI slot.

    Check that you do not have a bad cable, even if it is "new". Try it on another PC.

    Test another device with this cord. Also check that the device is in USB mode.

    It could be also a SOFTWARE PROBLEM:

    Boot in the BIOS to check if this port is enabled or not. Take the Motherboard documentation for the exact wording mentioned in the BIOS. For example, the "Advanced" / "Integrated peripherals" and the "Onboard 1394 device" must be set to "Enable" (allowed).

    Check the "IEEE 1394 BUS HOST CONTROLLER" is working perfectly or not. In case if there is a yellow triangle mark next to it, then a re-install of the drivers are recommended. If you do not have the drivers, install software, such as "EVEREST" that will allow you to determine the exact model of your handycam. Then download the drivers preferably from the manufacturer's website.

    Check in the "LAN or High Speed ​​Internet" that there is a "1394 Connection" (NIC 1394) and it is in "Connected".

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    Re: Firewire (IEEE 1394) not working

    I have the same exact problem as you. I have a Dell XPS with Vista. I have a Sony DCR-TRV240 video camera. For six months now I have been importing videos with a 4 pin to 6 pin cable with no problem. The last successful one was end of July. I tried this week and it is not working. When I connect the cable on the camera LCD I see DVI In so the camera is connected. I have also reinstalled the Firewire drivers and done a reset on the camera. Just wondering what you ended up doing.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Firewire (IEEE 1394) not working

    I have a Canon ZR800 camcorder with firewire connection. Using it in my school studio with a computer running XP and Visual Communicator for green screen. Working fine using a 4 pin-4pin firewire cord until several weeks ago. Firewire port stopped working. We changed out the firewire card and cord. Still did not work. Will not work with any other computer either. Another camera works with the computer so it is not the computer. What can be done to the firewire port on the camera.

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