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Thread: Webcam: Locked by Application

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    Webcam: Locked by Application

    I have got myself a Toshiba Satellite laptop that has a webcam and microphone in-built. I was trying to start the webcam and everytime it doesnt show any images and gives me message that it is locked by another application. Also when i push the button to make it start, the webcam doesnt even starts up. I even dont know which application is locking this device but after a restart it normally works. But when i close the lid and then open it, i try to start the webcam but it doesnt respond at all or says again that it is locked. What should be the issue here. Can anybody help me out. Thanks

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    You should try to ge the latest drivers and BIOS file for your Toshiba laptop from this link - Install all the different utilities for your laptop and then check if things go well. Also you can open up Task Manager and see which program is using the camera, if you find anything that is using it, then immediately end that program. You can even call Toshiba if you think it is a fault with the webcam itself.

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    I found a way to solve this problem. We just need to right click on the Camera Assistant Softare and then go to its Properties. After that we have to click on the Compatibility and on the bottom we need to click on "Run this program as administrator" and click apply and ok. Now the issue for me is gone and I hope that it works well out for anybody who is also facing this problem.

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    Even i was facing this same issue from very long time, but I have managed to solve it. First of all we just have to click on start and then go to control panel. After that go to System and then Device Manager and then Imaging Devices and then right click on chicony camera. After that disable it and again enable it back again and this way you will solve your issue. Another method would be by starting task manager and then going to the processes that is using the webcame such as any messengers or so, simply turn them off and then try to open the webcam.

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