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Thread: Windows update overwrites working nvidia sata driver with broken one

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    Windows update overwrites working nvidia sata driver with broken one

    After performing Windows Update m y system simply failed to boot properly. I had kept Automatic Update on so that some of the important updates are not missed. But I do not understand what happen. I checked and found that update has modified the existing sata driver due to which the system is getting locked up. While compared to that the old one was working properly. I had re-installed the old driver back and my system is working fine. I removed all useless updates which are not required. I want to know that does there is a way by which I can simply un-install Automatic updates. I do not want this any more. I am quiet fed up with the same. I think next time surely this is going to happen back. It would be better if I can stick with manual update download.

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    You can disable that. You can choose the option Never check for updates and Windows Update will not interrupt you. I never kept the system on Automatic updates. It is right that some of them simply screw your system. You must download only the valid one. You can manually get updates and download only those which are required. The settings are provided in Windows.

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