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Thread: HP All in One Printer device cannot start Error Code 10

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    HP All in One Printer device cannot start Error Code 10

    I am trying to install HP All in One Printer on my network. I am having a wifi router setup at my home. Along with that my printer is also having wifi connectivity. Once the setup was done, I was able to find the printer on my laptop, but it is not working. I receive a error code while performing the setup. It is some device cannot start. The driver looks to be proper. I had used the DVD that I received with the printer to configure the entire wifi network.

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    It is a driver problem. Because you are able to detect the printer but you cannot print. Whatever system you have, you have to find the right compatible driver. Also check in your firewall settings. Unlock the printer connection. There can be number of issue. Did you test that on other system. What OS it has. Check the driver specification. You might be trying to install XP drivers on Vista. This is one of the most common problem and can be solved quiet easily.

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    There is one thing that I want share here. I am having a similar printer on my wifi network. And I had deal with the same kind of issue some time ago. It was due to issue with usb device. For that you have to find the INFCACHE.1 file. It is basically located inside Windows directory. Just right click on that and click on Properties. Go in the security section and click on Edit. And allow all rights to your system. If you want you can delete that for sometime. But do not forget to keep a copy with you somewhere else. Just delete that and upon restart it will be created back again.

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